SO happy with my choice of LapBand

Feb 22, 2008

Im approaching 50 lbs lost.... and I am still thrilled with my band.  I am looking forward to my 60th birthday and I am losing, however slowly.  We are sailing from Vancouver to Whittier on May 19 for 7 days on the Island Princess followed by a 6 night land tour.  We LOVE the Island.... we sailed with her R/T LA to Honolulu on our anniversary cruise in Jan of 07.

There has been much discussion on the boards by the DS community who continue to insult the LapBand they delight in calling the LAFF band or CHOKE CHAIN.  It is incomprehensible that they delight in calling our choice of LapBand STUPID.  

HMMM... I AM in Mensa and speak 5 languages.... STUPID??   don't THINK so.!!

Post Tahiti experience

Dec 15, 2007

WOW... What a cruise!!  Sailed from Honolulu to Lahaina Maui, Nawilili Kauai,  Moorea, Bora Bora and Tahiti.  WOW... WOW.... WOW!!  wHAT A GREAT CRUISE!  Our dinner companions were an Active duty Brigadier general and his wife.  WHAT a wonderful memory!  I gained 8 lbs and have lost 7 of those.  I am s VERY slow loser, but then... I will be 60 on my next birthday.  I am determined to LIVE while I am losing the next 50 lbs.

Slow and not so steady

Jun 21, 2007

June 21, 2007 

Well.... Here we are on the first day of summer..... I am down to 220, and think I am now, after a YEAR going to do a bit better.  I have had a lot of low back, knee and hip pain and it has had me pretty depressed.  I finally consulted a Rheumatologist, after my pcp noticed a spot of psoriasis on my elbow.  I don't have Lupus or any other autoimmune disorder such as psoriatic arthritis.... what I have is BURSITIS in both hips.  I got a cortisone shot in the left one, (the worse) and Tramadol for pain.  What she said I need is EXERCISE.... as my muscles and ligaments around my hips and lower body are tight and ... weak.  GO FIGURE.  It has kind of been one of those situations that the more you hurt the less you exercise and the less you exercise the more you hurt!!  I bought this thingy on QVC... Bally action pilates rower for less than 20 bucks and it is light weight enough that I can take it in my suitcase to Canada when I go there every third week to be with Bruce.  AND I have been able to strengthen my legs and back.....while lying in bed!  It is amazing how much stronger my legs are.... .  I have actual muscles again.  I've lost 8 lb since I got my last fill about a month ago!!  And the muscle pain is better and so is my state of mind.  

I'm going to stick with the fill I have now... 2.4 cc's in my 9.75 cm band.  I have restriction and I really don't want to be too tight.  I think, having been here a while, it is too risky!!

My Journey

Oct 19, 2006

I had my surgery June 1, 2006 in Monterrey Mexico with Roberto Rumbaut, MD. I had my first fill here in Cincinnati with the esteemed bariatric surgeon Dr. Trace Curry. My experiences in Mexico were FIRST class, and now that I have had a fill I hope to really get going with the weight loss.

Dr. Curry put 1.8 cc's in my 4 cc band June 30 and I can feel a difference for sure. I don't think I have hit the sweet spot yet, but am thinking another one or two might so the trick I feel very fortunate to have found Dr Curry and his exceptional team for the aftercare, which is paramount.

I lost 8 lbs in the first four weeks without a fill, and am going to get started exercising TOMORROW. Good luck to everyone!

August 2, 2005

I am now two months out and the scale has started to move. Today I weighed 236!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the Poison Ivy from HELL and the cortisone for a week, (increased appetite... etc) I thought I would NEVER lose. Suddenly the scale moved at least 4-5 lbs.!! This is SUCH a mind game. I still am not very good about the exercise, but I am so pleased the weight is coming off. I am never very physically hungry... and it seems I can eat more than I should, but Dr. Curry says that as long as a pound or two are coming off per WEEK, then no fill!

September 15, 2006

Well..... I have been at a standstill ever since my last update. I swear, after the nuclear holocaust kills off the food supply, I will be one of the last survivors. I have gained back five, lost them gained them back, lost them etc. I know I need to move, but all this joint pain... R. knee, L hip and lower back pain are helping me to just sit here. I should go to my ortho for a knee injection and also for a left thumb injection. It is amazing how much pain one can have in a left thumb when right handed. I think I use it more than the other one. OH well.... if I didn't have the band, I'd probably have gained 18 instead of losing 18. I'm considering another fill.... but do not look forward to stuck/sliming issues, which I have now from time to time. I know if I lose another 40 in the next six months it will be about the same pace as when I was 31 on Diet Workshop.... and that will be ok.


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