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"I had RNY gastric bypass with Dr. Hamn in March of 2012. I was very nervous about my initial appointment, but Dr. Hamn put me at ease with his clear plan of action and with his calm and reassuring demeanor. Because of two previous C-sections, my surgery was much more difficult than he'd initially anticipated. Still, he went the extra mile to safely work around scar tissue and avoided having to open me up completely. I was relieved and so appreciative afterwards! 90 lbs later, I'm still working on losing the last 35 lbs of my goal. The nutrition advice at Dr. Hamn's office has been invaluable post surgery for me and I appreciate the very personable encouragements the staff has always offered. I have not had any problems during appointments. I homeschool,so my two boys accompany me to all office visits. We have never had a problem nor had to wait longer than we'd expected. I would recommend using Dr. Hamn to anyone. I have complete confidence in his abilities as a surgeon. I feel my results are a testimony to the benefits bypass surgery can offer anyone serious about using it as a tool to get healthier. "
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