~~My Weight Loss Chart~~

DateWeightPounds LostPost-Revision Pounds Lost / Grand TotalBMISize
Date 12/1997396---First WLS65.936 Stretch
10/15/2003 310----0 / 8653.2 30/32
11/15/032882222 / 10849.426/28
12/15/032761234 / 12047.422/24
1/15/042631347 / 13345.118/20
2/15/042501360 / 14642.922 R 20 S
3/15/042381272 / 1584120
4/15/042261284 / 17038.820 R 18 S
5/15/04219791 / 17737.618
06/15/04210.58.599.5 / 185.535.118 R 16 S
7/15/04203.57106.5 / 192.533.816
8/15/04198.55111.5 / 197.532.916
9/15/04 191.56117.5 / 204.531.816 R 14 S
10/15/041874.5122 / 20931.114 R  14 S
11/15/04183.53.5125.5 / 212.530.614 R 14 S
12/15/04176.57132.5 / 219.529.314 R 12 S
1/15/051742.5135 / 2222912 R  12 S
2/15/05161.512.5147.5 / 234.526.8????
7/15/051547.5155 / 24225.610R 8S
10/23/051522157 / 24425.28 - 10
8/15/06160+ 8149/23626.810
12/23/0615010159/24625.08 - 10
1/27/071464163/25024.66 - 8

I had gastric banding 12/97 (Dr. Marcel Molina).  I lost from 386 lbs to 256 and back up to 300. I'm wishing I'd looked at RNY a little more closely in the beginning.  My problem is sugar and junk food and with the band I can eat those things easily as they go down without much resistance.  I need something more permanent. 

Dr. Reiss in San Antonio will be performing my RNY (open) on 10/23/2003.

I had an uneventful RNY with Dr. Reiss on 10/23/03.  I went home from the hospital on Sunday; today it Tuesday.  I'm feeling better everyday, but still can't get up and down by myself, etc.  I have my 2 week follow up on 11/11 and I won't be weighing until then.

11/5/2003.  Today is the first day that I have felt good for most of the day (the day's not over yet).  I really haven't done much though.  I seem to be glued to this computer and reading everyone's profiles/success stories.  I can't wait for mine to be among them.  I keep weighing on my scale at home, but I never weighed on it before surgery...so, I'm not sure how it compares.  According to the weight it said when I got home from the hospital and now, I've lost about 23 lbs (2 wks post tmw).  The true measure will be when I have my visit with the doc on 11/11.

11/11/03.  Today I had my follow up with Dr. Reiss.  My appt. was a noon and it was after 4 p.m. before I was done.  Several of the people in the waiting room said that you always need to plan a full day when you go to the clinic.  I wasn't too pleased with my weight loss.  I am down 21 lbs. from my pre-op visit, but only 15 since surgery and that will be 3 weeks on the 13th.  Dr. Reiss was pleased though and I guess I'm never really happy with my weight loss regardless.  I would like to set some goals (numerical), but I'm not sure how to judge this yet.  So, my goals for now are to increase my activity level, eat 3 times a day and only eat proteins and fruits/veggies.  The dietician told me today that my caloric intake should be about 200 calories per day. WHOA!  I'm not counting calories, but I sure thought that number was interesting.  I don't go back to the doctor until 12/23.  So, I am going to weigh each week and Tuesdays will be my day.  I still haven't measured yet.  I can't seem to find my tape and I refuse to buy another one (for now anyway).

12/8/03.  I haven't updated in a while.  I'm down 25 lbs since the day of surgery and 32 since my pre-op visit.  I really need to pick a number and stick with it.... this drives my crazy calculating from 2 different dates.  I know it sounds stupid to be worried about it, but weight obession is probably how I got here in the first place. I think I will take the pre-op weight for 2 reasons (1. it makes me feel better about my loss and 2.  it was probably all water weight which I would've lost the first week after surgery if I hadn't lost it the week before surgery oh yeah, and 3. When I came home from the hospital... I weighed more than I did the week before surgery... so, I had that to lose too.).  So, having said all of that... I've lost 32 lbs.

I go for my next doc visit on 12/23.  I really haven't had any complications.  I had to go to the ER a couple of weeks ago because I was having a strange "charley horse" type pain in my lower left abdomen, but there was nothing there.  It went away as mysteriously as it appeared.

I can eat about anything (I haven't had anything with more than 3 g of sugar).  I'm afraid that I am able to eat too much, but from what I read, everyone has that fear.  I still haven't felt full.  I usually eat with other people... so, when they finish eating, I stop eating.  If the food holds me 4 hours then I know it was a good amount.  If it doesn't then, I know I didn't eat enough.  When I am by myself, I just pick something that I know is a good amount (because I've had it before).  Beef Jerky and almonds are my main stay.  Both are high in protein.  I use the snack size ziplock baggies and put 1 oz servings of beef jerky in some and 1/4 cu servings of raw whole almonds in others.  I eat 1 baggie of each throughout the day.  That helps me control my hunger and my calorie intake.  I'm having problems with breakfast food ideas.  I'm sick of bacon and eggs.  I like oatmeal and cream of wheat, but I avoid those because they are high in carbs and low in protein.  There is a website, http://www.unjury.com that has a section for bariatric patients and it has a protein calculator that tells you how much protein you should get a day.  Mine says 59 g a day. HAH.  I'm lucky if I get 1/2 that.  So, I'm working on it.

I went back to work last week.  It was really rough.  I don't know how people can go back so quickly.  I keep telling myself that this is my 3rd abdominal surgery and I can't expect miracles.... however, I am a wimp.  I have a stressful and physically demanding job (as far as stamina goes).  I do feel stronger each day though and I think that going back to work was helpful to me in that respect.

Well, I guess that is enough for now!  I'll update again after my post op visit with my doc! 

12/23 Well, I had my follow up with Dr. Reiss.  She wasn't happy with my weight loss.  She said it is moving too slow and she'd send me to the dietician to find out why.  I've been having a huge problem with a burning searing type pain just below my right rib cage, where my drain was located.  She said that my rib cage is "low hung" and there is a nerve there that is giving me problems.  She offered to inject it to see if that helps or give me a couple of prescriptions.  I opted for the drugs.  I saw the dietician.  I really don't like her.  When I went into this thing.. I was told that I needed to "eat when I'm hungry", "eat only 3 meals per day", snacking can "only be when hungry and then on sugar free jello or beef jerky" and "drink plenty of fluids".  Now, I've been doing these things.  Today, the dietican tells me that I should only be eating 200 calories per day.  That is the craziest thing I have ever heard in my life.  I can't do it... so, I guess I'm destined for another failure.  Oh, I guess I need to post my weight on here.  According to their scale, I weighed 274 (-28 lbs since surgery).

1/3/04  Happy New Year!  I am finished with my pity party in reference to the dietician.  She is 128 lbs and has no idea what it is like to be overweight.  Additionally, I am a revision and she has no experience with revisions.  Ok, having said that... I am 10 weeks post op.  Over the past week, I have been doing really great.  I feel terrific and have a bunch of energy.  I've asked a long term post op to review my food logs on a daily basis and make suggestions.  She has graciously agreed.  It is really helping me to have someone to be accountable to for every morsel that I put in my mouth.  I've also come to some *realizations* with her help.

1.  Eating, high protein, low carb, low fat is for weight loss.  Once I have reached my goal.. I can use sugar free candy, sugar free desserts, etc. in moderation to maintain my weight.  I don't have to have it all right now.

2.  I can make better choices.  I can use egg whites instead of whole eggs to cut back on fat content.  I knew this.. but I lost this concept somewhere along the way.  She didn't directly point this out to me.. .it was just a realization that I had in pursuit of higher protein and healthier choices.

I've been going to the gym and working out.  My husband says I need to sweat.  Yuck.  I hate to sweat, but I've been doing it.  Yesterday, I even went to a Body Pump class (today I'm dying... so, I'll let you know).

The scale is MOVING!!!!!  Ok, now let's talk about total weight lost.  You can read above and see my reasons for counting from my pre-op weight instead of my day of surgery weight.  As of today... this minute, my scale reads... drum roll, please, 266.  That is -44 lbs.  Now, I am only officially listing my loss as -42 because my weigh in day is not until Thursday.  I'll have to see if it stays the same (or less, preferably) between now and next Thursday.  It has a way of tricking me.  For example, when I was 273, I stepped on the scale and it showed 271.. the next several days... it registered 273 again; then, back to 271 and stayed there. 

When I was at the doctor the last time, she gave me an RX for the nerve pain in my side.  I decided to not get it filled.  She said that the pain would eventually subside with or without the medications. It has almost disappeared.  She also gave me lab orders to take to my PCP before my next visit.  I go back and see her on 2/17 and will take the lab results with me.

I'll update after that doc visit unless something *worthy* happens before then.

1/17/04  Well, nothing "worthy" has happened, but I thought I'd update anyway.  I think I'm procrastinating from getting my housework done.  I've lost 47 lbs so far.  I want to lose 114 more pounds.  I would like to lose all of them by morning, but I don't think that is going to happen lol.  I have a job interview on Tuesday at St. Edward's University in Austin.  I'm nervous about it and haven't decided what to wear yet.  I don't have any dress clothes that are fitting good right now.  My food choices are good for the most part.  I am corresponding with a long-term post op about my daily food intake and that is really helping me a lot.  I didn't eat breakfast today, but for lunch, I had 2.5 ounce of seasoned chicken breast with mushrooms, onion, water chestnuts, soy sauce and sesame oil... YUMMY.  I haven't thrown up yet, but I think if I'd eaten 1 more bite of that today... I would have.  I seem to be able to eat more when I haven't had anything to eat for a while.  I'm not having any complications.  I'm exercising... doing Body Pump classes at Gold's Gym.  They are really tough, but I love them.  Well, I guess I'll update more after I see the doc!

3/16/04  I didn't update right after I saw the doctor for my 4 month check up-- life has been very busy.  Basically, the doctor was pleased with my loss at this point.  I talked to the dietician again and again... she said 200 calories per day.  I'm not going to see that dietician again.  On Saturday, my husband and I went to the gym to do our weight lifting class.  The class was particularly challenging.  On Sunday, we ran/walked the Bagel Fest 5K.  That was quite an experience.  It was to support the Jewish scholarship fund... hmmm we're not Jewish and we don't eat bagels (too many carbs), but we had a blast anyway.  If I would've had to set a minute goal.. I would've said that I want to complete it in 80 minutes.  I completed in 55 minutes.  Now, having said that... you would think that I was pleased right?  NOT!  I was still almost dead last.  Oh well.  It will get better.

Now, while I was doing either the weights or the 5k or a combination of both... I developed what I believe to be a hernia.  It is very painful.  I go to see the surgeon again today to have her check it out.  I'll update again after this visit.  This isn't what I had planned for spring break.

4/11/2004.  Happy Easter and Happy 50th Birthday to my oldest brother!!  Well, I obviously didn't update after my trip to the doctor.  By the time I got to the surgeon... the buldge was obviously infected (hot to touch, red, etc.).  She put me on antibiotics and ordered a CT scan.  The CT scan showed an "abnormal fluid collection", but wasn't able to identify specifically what it was.  This thing lingered for week... keeping me in pain and running a fever with a general feeling of illness.  Dr. Reiss said it could've been a seroma or a hematoma, but that it is very UNCOMMON this far out of surgery.  Whatever it was... it's gone now and I'm fine.  WHEW.

I finally broke the 230 barrier.  I'm at 229 now and I can comfortably wear a size 20.  I also found out that I'm really 5'5" not 5'4" so, my BMI is off.  I'm not going to change it on OH though because it throws off my "before" and "after" stuff!

8/15/04 Wow, it has been almost 10 months since my rny.  I finally broke the 200lb mark.  That feels so strange.  I don't know how long it has been since I weighed less than 200 lbs.  I know it was sometime in elementary school.  My weight loss has really slowed down.  I have kicked up my exercise and cut back my carbs and increased my protein & water intake... so, we'll see how it goes.  My husband and I signed up to do a 1/2 marathon (13 miles) on November 21st so, we're training for that.  It's really funny because in March, I did my first 5K (3 miles)and I remember at the end of it... I felt like I was going to die.  Yesterday, we did 3 miles as part of our training schedule and I felt great (other than a migraine).  I want to lose about another 50 pounds.  I'm going to schedule an appt. with Dr. LeMonaco in Houston for a plastic surgery consult.  I've lost a total of 198 lbs and my abdomen, arms, legs and *other* areas really show it.  I'm probably a good year out from PS, but I want to start planning!


9/14/04 Well, I had a follow up with my doc today.  I've been having some weird problems.  My knot is still hanging around intermittently and I haven't been able to eat much for the past 5 days (no appetite, pulling sensation/throbbing around where the knot is).  Anyway, it turns out that this knot IS a hernia afterall.  My doc wants to wait until December to do any further planning.  We talked about tummy tuck at the time of repair and she said that is possible.  So, I guess I'd better get a move on with my consults.  I'm currently at 191.5 that's a 204.5 lb loss since my highest weight.  After losing about another 25 lbs... I'll be the lightest person in my household :)

Have I mentioned lately that I'm married to the greatest man in the world?  Well, gotta run for now.

12/15/04 Just a quick update... went to the doctor; all my blood work looks great.  My weight loss is continuing!  And, my tummy tuck (approved by HMO Blue) and hernia repair are scheduled for 1/27/05.  I'm so excited!  My skirt was a size 12 and I weigh less now than I can ever remember!  Merry Christmas everyone and Glory be to God!

1/15/04  Well, I'm less than 2 weeks away from my tummy tuck/hernia repair.  A friend of mine just had hers yesterday.  I went to see her in the hospital.  She came through great, but there is NOTHING fun about surgery (just in case you thought there was).  I went to JC Penneys last week and took several size 12 (no stretch) pants into the dressing room... they ALL fit.  I was so excited.  My grandma is coming from Illinois to stay while I have my surgery.  She is so sweet.  She's (I can't tell you how old because she would kill me) but she's my mom's mom and my mom is 72.  My grandma has only flown one other time in her life... so, I feel very special.  I just saw my Century Club card THANK YOU Teresa D... it's great.  I want to lose about another 25 lbs.  My weight loss is slow, but I'm still losing every month.  I'll update again after my tummy tuck!

2/19/05 Well, I had my tummy tuck with hernia repair as scheduled.  Dr. Sheryl Pilcher was able to remove 10 lbs of excess skin.  My scale still doesn't reflect the full 10lbs but that is because of the swelling.  I had no idea the swelling was going to be so bad.  For anyone considering plastic surgery, please look into lymphatic massage BEFORE your plastics and then plan a couple of sessions after surgery.  I wish I would've know the benefits of this therapy for plastic surgery.  I had my first treatment yesterday and already feel better, but I still have a ways to go.  I'm hoping to be wearing a size 10 when all is said and done, but we'll see.  What a dramatic difference to no longer have that huge apron!  I really need my thighs done too, but I'm in so much discomfort from the tt, I can't imagine agreeing to thighs anytime in the near future.  My hernia is also GONE!  No mesh.. Dr. Reiss was able to use my own muscle tissue to repair the hernia.  I'm hoping to lose another 10 to 20 lbs; so, it's time to buckle down and get to it!

7/14/05 - Ok, ok, I know it has been a long time since I updated this profile.  As I get smaller, I get more energy and my life gets busier, well... you know the rest of the story.  Things are really going great.  I'm at 154 as of this morning.  That a total loss of 242 lbs from my highest weight and 155 from my revision.  It is so great to be almost 2 years post op and still losing.  I'm still having discomfort and swelling associated with my tummy tuck from January.  I don't know how long this will last.  I'm finding that since I've been on a diet since the age of 6, it is difficult to think that I'm not big anymore.  But I'm noticing small changes in my *mind* for example, I read a post the other day about "Lane Bryant" and wondered who that was lol.  As far as the "issues" that I have at this point:  skin stuff (too much of it.... you've heard the term, "don't get your panties in a wad?  it's not my panties that are wadding!)  and I seem to be developing an intolerance to lactose and all carbohydrates.  I guess both of those things are good.

After having my counseling degree for almost 10 years, I finally got my license.  I have joined a private practice as a LPCI and I'm working with pre-ops and post-ops regarding WLS issues.  LOVE IT!!

Gotta run for now... got to get to work!  Hugs to you from my size 8's!

10/23/2005 - 2 years since my RNY revision.  Things are going great.  I'm at an all time low weight, 152.  That's a 244 lb total loss.  I'm wearing a size 8 in most things but a 10 at the most.  I'm hoping to have the skin removed from my "rear" soon.  The bruised tailbone is getting really old!  The Weight Loss Surgery Summit in San Antonio last weekend was a blast.  I really learned a lot and can't wait for the Houston event in November. 


4/16/2007 - Wow, it has been a long time since I updated.  I just never took the time to switch over to the new profile format.  So, I guess I'd better get on board with it.  So much has happened.  In 1/2005 I had a tummy tuck with hernia repair.  In 4/2006, I had a 360 degree lower body lift and most recently on 4/3/07 I had a medial thighplasty.  It's a good thing I didn't have the thighs done first or I wouldn't have opted for any additional surgery.  Next month I'm having brachioplasty with breast lift & aug. I hit my all time low weight of 140 back in February.  I have been dealing with horrid issues of constipation and am certain that is the root of my weight stagnation.  Currently, even with postop swelling, I'm at 143.  So, we'll see in a few weeks.  My ultimate goal is 135.  Actually, I have a pair of "goal jeans" they are a size 5 (non stretch) button fly and I was actually able to wear them right before my most recent surgery.  So, I'm at my size goal... I just would really like to see 130's :)  I can't believe it has been almost 10 years since my first WLS. 

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