1yr 8mo Post Op and where I am at!

Feb 08, 2009

Shame shame...I haven't kept up on my blogs with OH in quite awhile.  I guess that is because after I was a year post op and celebrated my first bandiversary of 164lb loss, I became content and started living life large.  I was out busy traveling and became quite the social butterfly.  I loved how I felt and was very comfortable with how I looked.  Some of you might say being 200lbs is still a lot for a woman.  I am tall, big boned and my goal was 185lbs.  I continued exercising a few days here and there for a few more months and started eating whatever I wanted.  For the first time I put my fate completely in my bands hands.  I never did that the first year.  I was an exercise fannatic and rarely ever cheated on eating.  So, this scared me a bit...wondering after I got almost to goal...and then allowing myself to stop exercising and eat anything I wanted.... would the band work for me?  In my past diet life...I lost 100lbs three times.  Each time I gained at least 20lbs a month back until I managed to gain it all back plus more.  I am happy to report that my band does work.  It has helped me keep the weight off.  In the last 6months I am only up 7lbs....which is very manageable.  I know I can get this off...all I gotta do is use my tool and start exercising again. 

With that said, it's time to get back on the band wagon.  Spring and Summer are right around the corner and I want to see when I will make it to my goal.  Suddenly losing 23lbs seems like a cake walk when you think of losing the first 164lbs.  I am still so thankful for my band.  It does work. 



May 25, 2008

I have been so busy that I am forgetting to blog once in awhile. Today is my 11 month bandiversary and I am down 157 lbs. I am 21lbs away from my first goal. I may get there and decide I can lose a little more. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be where I am at in 11 months. Amazing! I feel amazing.

It seems like the closer I get to goal, it is very easy to become some what content and get comfortable with where we are at. This scares me because this is the feeling that has kept me from ever finishing any weight loss journey I have made in the past. But this journey is forever right? So, I decided a few weeks ago that I need GOALS that will keep me focused and keep me working torwards something in order to see the why to the end. I decided that I wanted to be able to climb a mountain. Have never done this nor have I ever WANTED to do this. In fact, a couple of years ago a gal in my office said she wanted to climb Hoggs Back...a mountain that our town sits at the base of in Klamath Falls. Not a huge mountain, but never the less....a mountain. I said to her, "Why the hell would you wanna climb a mountain?" I really couldn't see any point in it.

Well, I decided if I was going to make my body climb a mountain....then I would surely need to start training to do so. So, a few weeks ago...I had to bump up my morning exercise routine again. Then after work I started walking... not just walks, but hills. Steep hills.

Then yesterday....I CLIMBED HOGGS BACK MOUNTAIN! Holy crap...I did it. I lead the way up the mountain and it was hard, but I found going up was the best part. It was coming down that was so hard for me. It was really hard on my knees, but with the help and support of my husband...we did it.

You ask, " Why the hell would you wanna do that?" Because I can. Because I get what life is all about now. For the first time ever I was living life on top of the world looking down. I wasn't the one on the sidelines anymore. This is what life is supposed to be about. I finally get it. Climbing that mountain was symbolic for me and this whole weightloss journey.

Now the question is. What can I do next? Next weekend I am going on a 6.5 mile hike with our local YMCA. And then what? I'll keep you posted. LIFE IS GOOD!

Tough Love! Exercise...Exercise...Exercise.

Mar 16, 2008

Down 133lbs!
Well, I think I know what it takes to keep things going in the downward direction of this journey. Our bodies adjust and get used to the amount of exercise we do along with the decreased calories. Weight loss will become slower when this happens. About every two to three months my body gets used to what I am doing to it. So, at that point, I have to add on another 15 minutes of exercise to my routine to keep things moving. I am currently working out 1-1/2 to 2 hrs a day at least 6 days and sometimes 7 days a week. This keeps me losing at a rate of usually 2lbs a week. Some people say they are too busy after work to exercise because of crazy schedules and children. I am too! Here's the trick. I don't like getting up early in the mornings, but I figure that I CAN sacrifice an hours worth of sleep so that I wont have to sacrifice my time with my children and my husband. Some people would say that they HAVE to get that extra hours worth of sleep. Do you know, that exercising for that hour will give you more energy all day long then that extra hour of sleep that you think you have to have? So everyone get up and get movin'! At almost nine months ago, I could barely walk two blocks without huffin' and puffin' and hating every minute of it. Today, I do an hour of aerobics easily followed by 15 minutes of weights and 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. With hard work and the help of good restriction with our bands, the weight has no where else to go, but down. Trust me. It all pays off in the end.

I bought my size 20's and ended up and going back for a size 18. The 18's are tight, but I plan on shrinking soon. LOL
Good luck to everyone on their journeys! I feel like 25 again. No...I feel better then I did at 25! :)

DOWN 124LBS & BMI AT 36!

Feb 18, 2008

Well, the skinnier we get the slower it seems to come off. But, I'm ok with that. I am happy with the results I have right now and will continue down this road. Although the pounds are dropping slower, I have other changes that I love. My body is becoming much more solid with muscle tone, I'm continuing to find new bones popping out each day, clothes are starting to look better every day, my energy level is out of control. I can't hardly sit still anymore....I just constantly need to be doing something. I'm addicted to working out every day except Sundays.

The size 22's that I started wearing in December are getting baggy and I probably need a size 20, but guess what? I have finally gotten to a size that I don't own. I have dropped from size 32 to 20. I think I might actually need to go shopping now. So exciting.

My biggest goal right now: My husband and I are planning a trip back to his hometown of Quebec, Canada later this summer. I haven't met most of his family and I want to continue to shed the pounds before I meet them. I haven't wanted to fly back there in a long time because I had such a humiliating experience being a big person on an airplane. This time will be so different. I will be able to hold my head high. Thank you Lap Band and to all of my friends and family that continue being such a support group for me. Life is Good!!!

Down 105lbs!

Dec 16, 2007

WOW!  I finally made it to one of my biggest goals.  Down 100lbs+ .  Woo Hoo!  It feels so good to be me right now.  I can only imagine what it will fill like to lose the rest.  I have been needing a fill for over a month and finally decided to go for it.  I was doing the will power thing again and wanted to wait it out as long as possible and then I thought...what the heck am I doing?  That's why I got this Band thingy.  Our bands are there for us when will power caves, right?  So, I just got my second fill on Thursday.  I am currently doing the liquid diet and phasing back to food.  I have to be completely honest.  The liquid diet sucks big time.  When you take food away from me, my mind seems to go with it.  The holiday eating frenzies have been quite a challenge.  I gained 3lbs at Thanksgiving and only cheated a little bit. But, I didn't excersie that weekend either.  Geesh...It almost doesn't pay to cheat!  Gonna try to get through Christmas and hopefully this fill will help.  I feel great and am living life to its fullest right now. 

Packing Up My Fat Clothes! (separation anxiety)

Nov 11, 2007


My support group has started a clothing exchange and I finally decided to go through my closet and dresser to pack up the sizes that no longer fit.  I came out with 5 large lawn bags full of clothes.  I started feeling a bit stressed.  Ya see.... all of my life I have been a yo yo dieter and I must have about 10 sizes in my three closets at all times.  My mind is going crazy right now...telling me things like: "what if??"  "I might need those some day."  I know I must rid myself of these and tell myself that I wont ever need them again.  Right?  It's still so hard.  Four sizes.  Well, I couldn't bring myself to taking them to the support meeting.  They are in the garage right now.  Maybe next month I will be able to say good bye to them forever. 

82LBS Lost Forever!

Oct 13, 2007

Yes...82lbs lost for good.  I am becoming a terrible blogger.  Had my first fill Sept 13th.  It was really cool seeing my swallow and band on fleuro.  He gave me 2cc in my 4cc band.  It gave me a little restriction, but not much.  I'm not complaining because the pounds are continuing to come off.  So many goals are being met:  I started wearing my wedding ring in September.  First time in a couple of years.  I have dropped from a size 32 to a size 24.  My sex life is getting better everyday and my confidence is returning to the bedroom.  Oooo...La, la!  This past week, without thinking....I was sitting and talking to someone and crossed my legs.  Then realizing I did this...got so excited....WOW....and this person had no idea what the big deal was.  Silly, I know...but none the less....this was exhilerating. Lol.  My hair is still falling out, but has started to slow down.  I am now seeing some new hair come in around my hairline.  I still love my band and have no regrets at all. 


Sep 03, 2007

Wow!  I never thought I would make it.  I finally made it to the 2's.  I'm down to 298lbs for a 66lb weight loss.  This is a huge goal that I finally accomplished.  I've decided that what works for me is to really watch my diet and exercise every day.  When I wasn't excercising, the pounds didn't drop.  My wonderful husband has been so supportive.  He gets up at 5:00am with me every morning and we walk about 2 miles.  Then, I try to do some kind of cardio work out two to three times a week.  Two weeks ago I finally came to a point where I knew I needed a fill.  I haven't had one yet.  I have had some restriction with the band alone, but all of a sudden I was able to eat way too much and my mind knows it.  I cheated once last week and had pizza, but I was able to eat three peices and probably a forth had I not felt so guilty.  So, my first fill is scheduled for Sept 13th.  So, these past few weeks, I am back to will power and diet alone, along with all the head games that a diet brings.  Not easy.  My hair has really started to fall out by the hand fulls.  It is disgusting.  I'm scared to brush it anymore...so, I went and baught some Biotin pills...I hope they help some.  Overall, I am so excited to begin to feel on the lighter side.  I have dropped three sizes and all of my summer capri pants are hanging off of me.  I can litterally pull them down without using the button, but I refuse to buy anymore summer clothes since we are now going into fall.  My husband says I don't snore at all anymore.  A plus for him.  People are really starting to comment on the weight loss and it feels AWESOME.  I love my band. 

1st Post Op Dr Appointment 8 Days out!

Jul 03, 2007

Went to see Doc today. Awesome news!  I lost 19lbs since surgery!!  Woo hoo!  Everything looked good accept he said my bloodwork shows some dehydration.  I'm already drinking 70 oz a day, so I was completely shocked.  He want me to get in at least 90 oz or more.  Well, it doesn't help that it is in the high 90's F this week.  My body wants to retain.  I went back to work for four hours on Friday (4 days post op), tried 6hrs yesterday and was able to work a full day today.  I tire easily, but it seems to help my recovery along faster since I'm not laying around in my chair clicking the remote. I am sick of clear liquids and don't think I can pick up another drink of crystal lite or jello.  I am ending this week mainly on water and popsicles.  I get to go to full liquids this week.  I am ecstatic.  If I could do a cartwheel, I would.  Ha!  I have never looked forward to protein shakes and cream soups so much in my life.  We'll see if I say differently at the end of the week. hehehe.  Anyway, just wanted to give the latest news. Cheers to all of you.    

2 Days After Surgery

Jun 27, 2007

Thank you everyone on OH for the wonderful support.  It truly gives a warm peace of mind during this time.  Big hugs to all of you.  Well, the surgery went very well with no complications.  I am sore and really trying to walk often and get the liquids in.  It seems to be a bit challenging getting in all of the liquids.  They make me feel so full.  At this point, I can't even imagine eating food.  I only had water the first two days, so I was just tickled to try some chicken broth and a sugar free popsicle today.  I can't imagine trying to sleep in bed yet with these staples on my tummy, so right now, my recliner is my friend.  I am just happy to be home and have the surgery over.  So much to look forward to now that I made it to the other side.  :)

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1st Post Op Dr Appointment 8 Days out!
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