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Dec 10, 2009

OK, you guys may have read this already but I bought a size 8!  I wore the pants that aren't as stretchy as the jeans today to school and they were not bad until I ate...then they got a little tight but that's ok, right? 

The best part about this is one of my goals was to be able to shop in my mom's closet and now I'm giving her all of my "too big" clothes...14s and 12s!!!  It's amazing!!! 

At Thankgiving mom and I were talking about sharing clothes and my sister, who really wanted the surgery but can't because of insurance issues, said "Ya'll make me sick" not in a nasty way but just stating it.  My mom started crying.  My sister really has been great.  I expected really bad attitude but it hasn't been that way at all so far. 

Well, Christmas is coming and Saturday I get to see family that I haven't seen in a while - the part of the family that's very critical of everything and everyone.  Can't wait to see how they react. 

Here's to a better Christmas this year than last...a healthier Christmas!

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