The Spicy Life

Feb 03, 2009


Its really funny how my taste has changed since the surgery. I have always loved spicy foods but I also loved sweets. Well spicy is my new friend. I love everything hot and lucky for me my pouch  seems to like it too. I try not to make a habit of always eating spicy but love to treat myself to something on the wild side a few times a week.

Mt. Olive Jalapeno Dill Spears, aside for the sodium these are a great low cal, low fat free snack. I think I am in love.

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Treadmill Hell

Feb 03, 2009

So a few weeks back I started working on this Couch to 5K program with hopes that I would be in shape to do my first post-op 5K by mid May. Even though my body is way pissed at me (I do miss Ibuprofen) I have continued to push through but today the treadmill took its vengeance out on me and commenced to beating my ass like I had stole something. It was truly a sight to see. It was all most like someone else was controlling the speed of the treadmill other than me.
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Another good week

Feb 03, 2009

Down another 3.2 pounds making a total of 60 pounds

Updated weight

Jan 26, 2009

Down another 4 pounds making a total of 56.8 pounds
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Another good week

Jan 20, 2009

 Down another  4.8 lbs making a total of 52.8 pounds

Another week down

Jan 12, 2009

Hello all, its been about a week since i last posted so I thought i would make a update. Things have gone well over the last week. I have gotten control over the scale and have managed to only weigh myself once per week on Monday. Also I feel like for the first time in a while I have a handle on the working out thing. Last week I got in 6 very good days with a average of 50 min each day on the treadmill and 15 minutes of weight training. I have also put more focus on portion control. It seems really easy to start eating more than you should when you don't measure so I make that a priority. I am looking forward to another good week of weight loss. I am down 6 pound since last week this time for a total of 48 lbs since 11-23-08.

Another Holiday Down

Jan 04, 2009

Hello all, I am happy to report that I made it through yet another holiday without any incidents. My mother in law baked the kids all kinds of cookies and treats and brought them to the house on the 2nd. This didn't really help but I have been able to reframe from jumping head first in the bag (although I did have one corner off a cookie). Today makes 42 day since my procedure and I am officially down 40.lbs.
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Made it through

Dec 29, 2008

Well I made it through Christmas with all the cookies, cakes, pies and candy and even though it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be i am glad its behind me. I think I made really smart food choices and didn't eat things I shouldn't. I am back to work today and I am just trying to get back in the swing again. Its always easier to eat on a schedule at home than at work but I need money so must work. Its been 34 days since my procedure and I am down 38lbs.
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4 week status

Dec 23, 2008

Well tomorrow will make 4 weeks since I had m RNY. Its been a great ride full of ups and downs with food. I like to say that I have followed the Doctors rules really well and stuck to the food I could have. I have only gotten sick 2 times so I say its been a good ride. I also got my official weight today. I am down 33lbs in 29 days.

Night out on the town,

Dec 21, 2008






Well I had my first night out on town Saturday. It was my brother in law's birthday and me and my wife were invited to come out and help him celebrate. He wanted to have dinner at the Bonefish Grill. That is one of my favorite places to eat but you can imagine that I was a little concerned about eating out around others. Me and my wife both have had the surgery so we have to really plan what we eat and where we eat. When we got there the drinks were flowing and appetizers were smelling good. I had 2 pieces of Bang Bang Shrimp as a appetizer and decided to order the Dorado (Mahi Mahi) as my main coarse. As I ate my food I thought to myself "why am i eating a new food out in public?" but everything went well. I stop eating well before I too full and got my left over boxed up before anyone was the wiser. I was excited, I didn't over eat, I didn't get sick and I didn't draw attention to myself.  I would say it was a good night.


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