crazyzee posted a discussion topic 6 months, 1 week ago

Well I am officially at least 200 lbs down now. I lost 70 over 3 months of the optifast shakes then since surgery on Halloween I knocked another 130+ off. I am very happy with the results but still want so much more. I originally thought a goal of

crazyzee posted a discussion topic 6 months, 3 weeks ago

All is going well with life post surgery last Halloween, but I am really starting to try to introduce more exercise in my daily routine since I still am disabled and basically sit in front my my comp all day. I have taken to doing a 30 min walk each ev

crazyzee posted a discussion topic 8 months ago

OK so while the last 2 weeks have been such a struggle to lose weight (guess I hit a serious plateau) I have finally broke down and purchased a pair of jeans. Now before surgery I was wearing 56"s which were quite baggy. I became partially disable

crazyzee posted a discussion topic 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Good morning everyone, Hope your all doing great on your weight loss journey. I am 4 days shy of 5 months since surgery. While the weight loss the last month or 2 has been slower, I am still doing pretty good and the inchs on my waist have been droppin

crazyzee posted a discussion topic 1 year ago

OK I will first say I am doing pretty good with life after surgery. I have been sticking to the softer foods since I am still just over 2 months from surgery on Oct 31. But recently with Christmas my family was not able to get me the normal smaller g

crazyzee posted a discussion topic 1 year, 1 month ago

Well when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was stand on my scale and I was blown away to realize I hit my first big weight loss goal of dropping 100 Lbs. Still have about 150 more to go but I am so happy and I'm not giving in to any temptat

Kathy S. wrote 1 year, 2 months ago
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crazyzee posted a discussion topic 1 year, 2 months ago

I am 2 weeks post surgery today. About 4 days ago a couple hours after my creamed cauliflower soup dinner I decided to go ahead and have 3 spoons of homemade applesauce with cinnamon. I know there was no sugar added in the making process cause I made i

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