On the Way to the Century Club

Jun 30, 2009

March 1 ~~~~


I've had two fills (had the third today) but the weight loss is slowing down. I've only lost a pound in two weeks. [BMI is down to 45.8 from 54.0, so that's not bad.]

I'm not eating any more than I have been and, with the exception of a week off when I hurt my knee, I've still been working out 3 times a week.

So what gives? Between the slowed weight loss, a generally crappy month at work - and the inability to run to bags of Doritos for solace - I've been in a pretty foul mood (<---understatement. Just ask my husband.)

Well, on Friday, I asked to be measured at Curves. I was astounded to find out, after doing the math, that I've lost over 18 inches since the beginning of January when I joined! I just couldn't believe it. Maybe it's just that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle (of course, we've always been told that muscle weighs more than fat) and I KNOW I'm gaining muscle, because I can feel 'em. Anyone wanna squeeze my bicep?

March 15 ~~~~

FINALLY, some progress! Since the last fill, two weeks ago, I've lost 14 pounds. I'm at a total loss of 69 pounds in 3-1/2 months, and my BMI is down to 43.8. I've also lost a total of about 23 inches.

I not only had to buy a replacement wedding band, but I finally had to break down and buy some new pants. Thank God things at Walmart and A.J. Wright are cheap. [Total cost for 7 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and the ring: $136.]

I'd hate spending a lot of dough on clothes that might only fit me for a couple of months. But I am down from a size 32 to a 26 or 28 (depending on the brand.) It was nice not to detest trying on clothes for a change.

March 18 ~~~~

PS: My A1C test number has dropped from 9+ to 6.9!

March 24 ~~~~~

It's funny the way people react to my weight loss.

Yesterday, I worked with a composer that I hadn't seen since before my surgery. He came in and crowed, "Oh, you changed your hair! It looks so great!"

The producer I was working with and I cracked up, and the composer couldn't figure out why. I said, "It's not the hair, it's what's under it!" He looked confused and said, "Oh. Is it a wig?!"

I just laughed and said, "No, I lost 75 pounds since the last time you've seen me, you dolt!"

If nothing else, this surgery has certainly provided the opportunity for increased quantities of chuckles!

APRIL 5 ~~~~~


At today's weigh-in at Curves, the scale showed that I've lost 79-point-something pounds. So, in celebration, I'm rounding it off to 80 pounds. YAY!

MAY 3 ~~~~~


Down 90 pounds!

(Slowly, but surely.) Right now that equals:

2 sizes smaller in undergarments

2 sizes smaller in tops

4 sizes smaller in pants

36.75 inches smaller overall

BMI down from 54 to 41

Off both insulins

Glucose levels down from high 200s to low 100s

MAY 24 ~~~~~

Down 97.5 pounds. I am DYING to get those last 2.5 off that are keeping me from "The Century Club". They are bedevilling me. The only "date-related" goal I set myself was so lose 100 pounds in 6 months, so I really want this one!

Can I do it in a week? Ah, if not, that's fine too.

May 31~~~~~

Holy Crap! I did it!!



My BMI is down to 39.6 from 54.

I've lost a total of 43.75 inches:

2 off each arm

3 off my chest

9.5 off my waist

8.75 off my abs

6.75 off my hips

3.5 off each thigh

2 off each calf

I promised myself that when I hit "the century mark", I'd celebrate with a new tattoo. Looks like it may be time to get inkin'!

Is it wrong to be as proud of myself as I am?


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