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"There is nothing better, when you're having surgery, to know that your doctor is always looking out for you. In the case of Dr. Tim Ehrlich, he was always looking IN on me, too. I had some minor difficulty post-operatively which required that I stay in the hospital for four days instead of the expected overnight. It seemed that every time I opened my eyes from my dozing Dr. E was there at my bedside, checking to see how I was doing, how I was feeling, and reassuring me that none of what I was going through was unexpected, and that everything would be fine in a couple of days. That reassurance meant the world to me, especially when I was going through my few moments of doubt about whether I had made the right decision. "Nice" is a grossly underestimated and underappreciated word these days, but Dr. Ehrlich and those who work with him epitomize the word. It's always a joy for me to interact with people who are genuinely nice, not just putting up a front. Dr. Ehrlich, and everyone on his staff could not have been better to me. At no time, no matter what the question, did I ever feel like an imposition. I know, without a doubt, that I can contact them at any time and get a prompt response. I have had other doctors in my life - several, unfortunately, that never gave me that feeling. That never happens with Dr. E and his staff. My questions, no matter how mundane, were always answered quickly and in the most friendly manner possible. Additionally, the fact that he makse support groups available to his patients is a great boon. It's great to just sit with other people - recent post-ops and veterans - and listen to their experiences and know that what I am going through has happened before with others. To be able to ask questions or ask for suggestions and know that the voices of experience are able to provide them, freely and willingly. I look forward to being able to do the same for the patients who come behind me: paying it forward. UPDATE, September 2013: As I approach the 10th anniversary of my surgery, I am still maintaining at 170+ pound weight loss, am off all my meds and have had all co-morbidities expect osteoarthritis disappear. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. !"

Ice Series Cool Mint Chocolate

"I don't know about its nutritional value, since it's fairly high in sugar, but BOY are those Clif bars tasty! A nice alternative to those awful Power bars."

Norwalk Hospital (COE)

"My only real comment is that some of the nurses were TERRIBLE at closing the door after they leave. When I'm wandering around my room in a johnnie, and the door is closed, I'd like it closed after someone comes in. And, it's easier to catch a nap when you're not exposed to the noise from the hall. A minor complaint."
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