Dumping...Not Just for Trucks! (10/22/2004)

Oct 21, 2004

Just wanted to document my first (and hopefully ONLY!) episode of dumping. Last night, I went WAY too long without eating. It was about 9PM and hadn't eaten dinner, bad side effect of not being hungry I guess. So I decided that a quick, light meal would be peanut butter and jam on graham crackers. Well, apparently this was too much sugar on an empty tummy. I spent 2 hours feeling very ill and took many trips to the bathroom. It was like a lactose-intolerance episode times 3! Now I have to mention that I have had higher sugar foods in the past like a tiny piece of birthday cake...but I made sure it was at the tail end of a "normal meal". I guess eating sugar on an empty stomach is just not tolerable for me...and that's good! BTW, even this morning my stomach is very touchy and isn't kosher with the thought of food...but I forced down some cheese for protein and just waited out the crampiness. Like I said...hopefully THIS will be my ONE dumping story! Till next time...