Life Goes On... (11/18/2004 )

Nov 17, 2004

(60# Down, 17 pre, 43 post, BMI of 46.5)

I've been doing well with my new eating and life style just haven't had much time to do anything outside of work and school. A friend (technically my cousin's cousin but a friend nonetheless) was killed in Iraq last week and that has occupied my mind and some time since. Todd was a great guy and a true hero in more ways than one. He was the kind of person who felt like your best friend even if you only saw one another every few years. His family, some of the sweetest people I've known are devastated by his loss but know that he died doing what he believed in, even if there are many in this country who are unappreciative. Not trying to preach, just wondering if people who vehemently disagree with what they're doing over there are risking? 

Anyhow, I'll be sure to update soon again, it's been a good thing to read back on how this surgery truly has changed my life. I only wish I had the knowledge I have now back then...then again don't we always??