As i said before my name is Crystal, i am 23 years old.  I have pretty much been overweight for as long as i can remember, i don't think there was ever a time when i wasn't.  Well probably from 5 or 6 on.  I was always bigger than everybody, partly because i am tall, currently i am about 5'10''.  At my highest weight i was 330lbs.  That was Jan of this year.  I joined weight watchers because my friend swore that it worked (she was 174 lbs, so maybe it worked for her because she only needed to get to 155). Needless to say i did lose weight on the program, 75 pounds to be exact.  But it didn't last and to get to that point a was basically starving myself.  I was eating the points system that my friend who weight half of what i did ate.  Anyways it stopped working and here i am today, back up to about 315 pounds, knowing that nothing is going to work to get me back to where i want to be.  I listen to people say that they couldn't wait to get back to where they were skinny, but for me, i have never been, so i just want to get to a point where i am happy with me.  Wish me luck on this long journey i am embarking on.

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