I'm married and the mom of twin boys. I live in San Diego and work in IT at UCSD.


I had a LapBand placed in 2003 and lost 60lbs in the first year which I kept off for 14 years. My LapBand was placed by Pedro Kuri in Tijuana, MX. It was self-paid because my insurance didn't authorize that surgery at the time.


In October 2016, my acid reflux was so terrible I feared I had a prolapsed band but struggled to find a Bariatric surgeon that would work with a patient who got surgery in Mexico. Eventually, a bariatric surgeon at UCSD Medical Center took pity on me and took me on as a patient. I didn't have a prolapsed band, but I did have esophagitis and had all the fluid removed from my band. Subsequently, I gained 30lbs! He and I agreed that the LapBand needed to be removed and I should convert to a new weight loss surgery. After much testing and discussion, we agreed on a VSG and I am scheduled for Nov 20, 2018. That's tomorrow!


One of the things I did wrong, after my LapBand, was to try to go it alone. I didn't go to group, I didn't use support websites, and I didn't learn from the experiences of veterans who'd experienced the ups and downs before me. This time around, I'm going to do better and use the resources at my fingertips.

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