10 months. Encouraged. Moving forward.

Sep 19, 2019

I am encouraged and motivated right now. My weight loss progress is still slow but the scale moves. My clothes size continues to decrease. My energy level continues to increase.

Best of all, I've finally started an exercise program that I feel I can stick to. 

I shared my hatred of exercise with a very fit friend of mine and he told me something that changed my entire perspective. He admitted that he also hates exercise! He runs three times a week and does weights two days a week and he hates every minute of it. Furthermore, he declared that it's ok to hate it. We do a lot of things that we hate because we have to. Why not do something that makes us healthy even though we hate it since we get such a benefit?

I was blown away. I assumed that anyone so dedicated to fitness (he's an Active Duty Navy Reservist) would love working out.

One gem he shared that really resonated with me is that doing the exercise isn't actually the hardest part. The real hill to climb is scheduling time. I'm a dedicated multi-tasker and one challenge of exercise is it's hard to do something else at the same time. His suggestion was to block out time on your calendar for exercise and don't do anything else during that time. Get dressed in your work out clothes. Even if you just sit around or walk around for the time block, you're dressed and spending your exercise time. Most likely, you will choose to do something physical if you don't do something else.

I decided that I would try swimming because I don't get all gross and sweaty, it is good for cardio and strength, is easy on the joints, and I don't have to talk to people. So far, it's been great. I'm going to take a class to get better and I've been at the pool on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays swimming laps. I can't say I love it, but it has been surprisingly not terrible.

Changes all around. Progress. Growth. Size Large pants and shirts. Mostly healthy food choices.

I'm never going back.


NSV: No longer plus sized?

Sep 01, 2019

Truthfully, I don't see it. But my pants size is officially no longer plus sized. I put on a snug sized 12. Tighter than I would wear slacks but I didn't have to suck in to zip em up. 


2 month stall but moving again; Halfway to Goal

Aug 22, 2019

It's been a ROUGH two months, family-wise, work-wise, and weight-wise. The scale has not been moving until just this week and I was seriously discouraged and worried that the process was going to "fail" me or I was going to fail me or something weirdly emotional.

Someone suggested here, back in January, that I consider therapy and I'm so glad I took that advice. Just having someone to talk to about my process, successes, and setbacks that doesn't have any emotional connection to me and my weight loss has been extremely helpful in goal setting and expectation setting. 

I'm officially half-way to goal. It took 10 months instead of 6. On the positive side, I haven't had to deal with hair loss or poor vitamin or blood cell count levels. Yes, the skin situation is getting pretty dire, but more rapid weight loss would definitely make this worse.

The downside is, I promised myself that once I got halfway to goal, I was going to start strength training. My disdain for exercise is legendary. I tell my PCP and my nutritionist that I am allergic to exercise. The symptoms include sweating, panting for breath, increased heart rate and fatigue and muscle weakness! But, I don't want to start breaking promises to myself so I'm gonna have to get on the ball. Goddess, Help Me.


3 lbs in 2 months. :(

Aug 05, 2019

I'm in the doldrums right now. These last two months have been difficult, emotionally. I hit my lowest weight in 30+ years and promptly went up 7. Of course, it was all water, but it's been frustrating. I'm finally back where I was on my birthday 6/25, but that's like two wasted months. I did realize how very little I've been drinking. I'm talking less than 20oz/day! And how much snacking I've been doing.

My last blog post was about the evils of snacking, and I was definitely better in July than I was in June. I have been snacking a few times a week, but I make sure it's generally fruit and I've watched my carbs closely. Hence being back to my low weight. Still, I need to get back on the train. Only halfway to goal and it's starting to get challenging.

The challenge has been just staying on track - not veering off my working food plan. Eating out is definitely sabotaging and I strictly limit that. 

My big challenge right now is not eating my feelings. Things have been hard around the house with the wife and kids. Life is suboptimal. I am emotionally exhausted, I'm bored and stressed. This makes me want to EAT. So far, I've kept it under control. No more sitting in the kitchen to read or hang out. No more eating after 8p.

No excuses, Crystal Harris!


A bit discouraged + snacking thoughts

Jul 15, 2019

Well, I only was below 200 for a few days. Then I shot up 7lbs in a week. Rationally, I know it is mostly water because there's no way to eat calories 3500 * 7 in such a short time. Still, it's sad. Three of the excess pounds came off, but I'm still above 200. This weight gain also included a surge in calories from carbs because I've been snacking like crazy.

I resolved to eliminate snacking in my post-VSG life and only eat at meal times. Well, a family camping trip + the Fair + my birthday + San Diego Pride weekend put paid, at least temporarily, to my no snacking practices. 

It's been pretty easy to see how snacking really sabotages your total calories. 

Yesterday, while volunteering for Pride over 7 hours, I had part of a snow-cone (pure sugar), a handful of kettle corn, a bag of beef jerky (90 calories), a small bag of Cheetos (130 calories), two Oreo cookies (160), 4 spoonfuls of soft serve, 1 carne asada taco, and a corn on the cob. For dinner, I ate half a hamburger and a few fries! I think I ate 2000 calories yesterday and I didn't feel full until after the burger.

Snacking is just insidious and a major culprit in my fatness. It was actually a bit of a revelation.

So, back to my regular food plan. Just that fast, my carb cravings are back and sweet or salty snacks seem appealing. Of course, 8 months isn't a long enough time to cure a lifetime of bad habits. Nor does 1 month sabotage my weight loss goal. 

Still, it's a tough set back and I'm a bit down.



Jun 24, 2019

Im pretty pleased with myself but less excited than I'd anticipated. Partially because my progress has been consistent enough that I knew it was coming and partially because I wanted to be here faster. 

Halfway to goal.


Feels good

Jun 04, 2019

I just got back from vacation and I feel good. I ate well away from my controlled environment, even out at restaurants. I was self conscious about eating around people that I hadn't seen in a year but discovered pretty quickly that people aren't paying attention to me and my food. They're paying attention to their own food.


It was interesting watching people eat and be so absorbed. Generally food isn't that interesting to me since I know I can eat much. I try to be selective and eat only excellent foods so I can get the most bang for my buck. If I'm eating 6 bites, they'd better be spectacular. I loved spending more time chatting than eating. 

Weigh in was a bit scary after 5 days with no weigh-in. But, I did fine. I'm nearing one-derland and beyond. 


Progress report

May 24, 2019


Starting weight: 251

Current weight: 203

Size 14!!!!! 



It's been a rollercoaster...

May 07, 2019

I haven't blogged here in a long time. Life has been hectic and stressful and I've been spending a lot less time online. Also, my weight loss progress has been so painfully slow that I am rather despondent and frustrated. My plan was to be halfway to my goal by now and I'm not there. My plan was to lose 2lb/week and that's a LAUGH. 

At no point have I regretted the surgery. I regret that I can't unlock whatever I need to experience faster weight loss. I regret that weight loss hasn't "fixed" my heartburn. 

There has been a pretty significant NSV this week. I bought a pair of size 14 jeans! I haven't worn a size 14 anything since 1984 when I was in the 8th grade. This is astonishing and lets me know that my body is changing despite the scale.

Food is fine. I've reduced some of my food-related stress. Now for life stress. 

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Nothing to report...

Mar 19, 2019

Things are going well. Weight loss is slow, and that's frustrating, but I feel good and I'm trusting the process.


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