Too soon back to work

Dec 05, 2018

I'm not sure why I thought my spider bite gave me superpowers. I really should have taken more than a week off work. My side pain, from the seroma, is very uncomfortable, especially after sitting for hours.

On the other hand, I'm progressing in the food texture scale a bit. Most importantly, I haven't been experiencing heartburn and reflux. That was what I was most looking forward to, after surgery. More than weight loss, I wanted the fixed hiatal hernia to allow me to live reflux free. So far so good.

Weight loss has been steady. 15lbs before surgery and I'm down 6 since surgery on day 15 and that doesn't include the 7lbs I gained in fluids and swelling post surgery. Three pounds a week seems just about right. I'm still struggling with water. That's my goal this week, to finish my 40oz bottle each day, at minimum. I know I'm a bit off the reservation from the doctor recommendation since I should be on purees. But I have had a bit of egg and a bit of chicken and 1 almond. I don't finish anything, but I've started having green smoothies. Nothing hurts, I haven't vomited, and I'm excited to try new foods that I didn't eat pre-surgery.

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