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Dec 10, 2018

I know weighing myself daily isn't helpful but I'm obsessive about it. It feels so destructive.

I've got to trust the process and physiology. This is something I didn't do with my LapBand. I truly just changed the portion of what I ate without making a true effort to change what I ate. My meager LapBand success (30% excess body weight) is directly attributable to that. 1 piece of pizza instead of 3. Half a cheeseburger. I'm not saying it was a failure, but I didn't lose anywhere close to what I wanted or what I could have if I'd made a true effort. But, I do feel that, probably falsely, daily weighing kept me in check somewhat.

But it's different now. I KNOW I'm eating right. Portions aren't really a problem. I'm used to consuming smallish meals after 14 years, with one year off for bad behavior. But, trusting the process, the recommendations of others, is a struggle. Trust the process! Drink your green smoothie, take your vitamins, eat your palm-sized meals on a small plate, eat at least 50% of a raw diet, do not eat bread/pasta/rice/processed foods. Drink your water!

14.4lb in 3 weeks is not bad. Trust the process. Use the Force. 

(11/20)Day of surgery: 242.88lb (110.4kg)

(11/21)Home from surgery: 249.6lb (113.45kg)

(11/26)1 wk Follow-up: 240.46lb (109.3kg)

(12/9)Yesterday: 235.2lb (106.95kg)


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