6 weeks Post-Op Appt: So Frustrated

Jan 08, 2019

My progress is fine. A steady 2lbs/week brings joy. But.. my appointment today really crystallized how frustrating eating is right now. The surgeon's guidelines are completely inconsistent and impossible. Low sugars, low fat, but 60-80g protein and 150g carbs but no more than 20g fat? How the heck can I get that many grams of carbs without eating fruit or high carb vegetables? What's so bad about fruit anyway? I mentioned to the nurse that I doubt anybody in the history of fatness had ever gotten fat from eating fruit and she trots out some ridiculous anecdote of a patient that was in a long stall and it turned out he was eating oranges from the orange grove he worked on. Huh? That sounds like total bunk and also, all she's got to offer me is a single anecdote? Whatever. Unless he was eating 10 oranges a day plus his regular food, I don't think that is why his weight was in a stall.

I just want clear, consistent, science-based dietary guidelines that support optimal health and are maintainable over the rest of my lifetime. I'm not trying to exchange fat for kidney problems or heart disease. 

If I'm supposing to be trusting these folks to help me achieve my weight loss and health goals, I expect them to do better than winging it or giving me "conventional wisdom" or outdated and erroneous information.


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