Bye bye balanced meals for now

Jan 15, 2019

 I've decided to take a break on attempting to construct balanced meals. I think that's contributing to my anxiety and stress. For the last few days, I've been choosing a protein that I want, eating it, and maybe flavoring the protein with some nutritious food. 

So, I had salmon a few times, once over a few salad greens but other times by itself. I had deli sliced chicken with roasted red pepper on top. I've had plain yogurt with almonds. 

No more green smoothies for now, or salads, or bento boxes. All I was focusing on was what I wasn't eating, what I still had left to eat, how I wasn't getting proper nutrition or meeting my food goals. 

Now, I'm generally close to my protein goal, I'm ignoring fat grams completely, and I'm barely eating carbs. This doesn't seem sustainable, in the long term, but mentally I feel better, I'm still losing, and I'll sort out balanced meals when I can eat a bit more. 

I've also given up on plain water. I will drink a glass or two upon waking or taking pills. But since surgery, it doesn't taste the same to me. So, I'm drinking black tea for hydration. Deadly caffeine. Still not making goal, but I'm a lot closer. 

I had to clean out my closet a bit. I got rid of shirts and pants that are unsightly large. I predict that, by Spring, I will look like a hobo. 


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