It turns out that I actually do have collar bones

Feb 04, 2019

I mean, I knew, theoretically, that they were under there since my arms and shoulders move. I've pressed down in that area before, beneath the flesh and fat, and felt something hard in that general area. But, it's a completely different thing to actually SEE the bones. I was standing in the mirror after trying out my Zozo suit, which is kind of silly but works surprisingly well. And I moved my arm forward and saw my collarbone move! I actually pressed on it in awe. 

This, more than my unfortunately saggy underwear, my constant tugging at the waistbands of my favorite camo jeans and pajama bottoms, and my dismayingly saggy boobs, solidifies in my mind that I'm losing weight. I don't know when, if ever, that I could see my collar bones.

Trust the process, Crystal Harris.

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