A bit discouraged + snacking thoughts

Jul 15, 2019

Well, I only was below 200 for a few days. Then I shot up 7lbs in a week. Rationally, I know it is mostly water because there's no way to eat calories 3500 * 7 in such a short time. Still, it's sad. Three of the excess pounds came off, but I'm still above 200. This weight gain also included a surge in calories from carbs because I've been snacking like crazy.

I resolved to eliminate snacking in my post-VSG life and only eat at meal times. Well, a family camping trip + the Fair + my birthday + San Diego Pride weekend put paid, at least temporarily, to my no snacking practices. 

It's been pretty easy to see how snacking really sabotages your total calories. 

Yesterday, while volunteering for Pride over 7 hours, I had part of a snow-cone (pure sugar), a handful of kettle corn, a bag of beef jerky (90 calories), a small bag of Cheetos (130 calories), two Oreo cookies (160), 4 spoonfuls of soft serve, 1 carne asada taco, and a corn on the cob. For dinner, I ate half a hamburger and a few fries! I think I ate 2000 calories yesterday and I didn't feel full until after the burger.

Snacking is just insidious and a major culprit in my fatness. It was actually a bit of a revelation.

So, back to my regular food plan. Just that fast, my carb cravings are back and sweet or salty snacks seem appealing. Of course, 8 months isn't a long enough time to cure a lifetime of bad habits. Nor does 1 month sabotage my weight loss goal. 

Still, it's a tough set back and I'm a bit down.


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