3 lbs in 2 months. :(

Aug 05, 2019

I'm in the doldrums right now. These last two months have been difficult, emotionally. I hit my lowest weight in 30+ years and promptly went up 7. Of course, it was all water, but it's been frustrating. I'm finally back where I was on my birthday 6/25, but that's like two wasted months. I did realize how very little I've been drinking. I'm talking less than 20oz/day! And how much snacking I've been doing.

My last blog post was about the evils of snacking, and I was definitely better in July than I was in June. I have been snacking a few times a week, but I make sure it's generally fruit and I've watched my carbs closely. Hence being back to my low weight. Still, I need to get back on the train. Only halfway to goal and it's starting to get challenging.

The challenge has been just staying on track - not veering off my working food plan. Eating out is definitely sabotaging and I strictly limit that. 

My big challenge right now is not eating my feelings. Things have been hard around the house with the wife and kids. Life is suboptimal. I am emotionally exhausted, I'm bored and stressed. This makes me want to EAT. So far, I've kept it under control. No more sitting in the kitchen to read or hang out. No more eating after 8p.

No excuses, Crystal Harris!


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