2 month stall but moving again; Halfway to Goal

Aug 22, 2019

It's been a ROUGH two months, family-wise, work-wise, and weight-wise. The scale has not been moving until just this week and I was seriously discouraged and worried that the process was going to "fail" me or I was going to fail me or something weirdly emotional.

Someone suggested here, back in January, that I consider therapy and I'm so glad I took that advice. Just having someone to talk to about my process, successes, and setbacks that doesn't have any emotional connection to me and my weight loss has been extremely helpful in goal setting and expectation setting. 

I'm officially half-way to goal. It took 10 months instead of 6. On the positive side, I haven't had to deal with hair loss or poor vitamin or blood cell count levels. Yes, the skin situation is getting pretty dire, but more rapid weight loss would definitely make this worse.

The downside is, I promised myself that once I got halfway to goal, I was going to start strength training. My disdain for exercise is legendary. I tell my PCP and my nutritionist that I am allergic to exercise. The symptoms include sweating, panting for breath, increased heart rate and fatigue and muscle weakness! But, I don't want to start breaking promises to myself so I'm gonna have to get on the ball. Goddess, Help Me.


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