Real Progress ;) NSV

Aug 16, 2014

Today's time beat my old record by 2.5 minutes. That works for me. Not sure what I am weight-wise. I've decided against using my scale at this point. I have to find a way to convince the hubby to let me get an accurate scale because I shouldn't get three different weights stepping on that darned thing three times. Eeesh. 


Beat My Old Time (NSV)

Aug 14, 2014

while it's minor at 10 seconds better (::laugh::), but it's still ten seconds faster than the last time i walked a 5k on the treadmill. Makes me happy.  


5k :)

Aug 11, 2014

I managed to accomplish the 5k that I set out to do twice now.  The first time I succeeded, I practically crawled at the end at 1.0 on my treadmill, but I was determined to finish it.  However, today, that story was quite different and I completed it in a faster time and moving along at almost 3 mph.  Not sure what to think of my scale though.  According to it, I lost five pounds since yesterday.  I think it's full of it.  That thing has never weighed correctly.  Step on it three times, get three different weights.  When it starts giving the same numbers, that's usually the correct one, but I have to stand on it a few times to get it to display it that way.  Silly thing.  It's nice to be able to go for over an hour on the treadmill and not feel like I'm going to die when I'm done. 


Treadmilling It Up

Aug 07, 2014

Apparently with the progress I've been doing on the treadmill, I'm close to pulling off a 5k marathon (walking of course...running is quite another matter). That's thrilling to know that. I always thought they were longer than that, until my step-sister pointed it out to me this morning. Yesterday's work on the treadmill put me at almost 2.75 miles after an hour. Another ten minutes probably would have had me at the 3mile marker, though I know my husband prefers I find a different time to work out.  He doesn't like waiting for dinner, even though most times I'm popping food into the oven and then sweating it up on the treadmill. I wish that I had a better time to do so, unfortunately, while blessed with a 13 month old son, he doesn't allow for an hour stint of getting on treadmills.  I usually have to do that when my husband is home to watch him. Ah well, hopefully in a few weeks, that issue will resolve itself.    

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haitus over

Jul 30, 2014

ugh. most frustrating. i want to get on a treadmill, but unfortunately i tripped over my child's Lego block last week and it put me out of commission for a week. it kept getting worse instead of better. finally went to the doctor and she gave me an Rx to take care of it with an anti inflammatory. today is the first day that i can walk without severe pain. which hopefully means that on monday i'll be back to the treadmill and sweating it gloriously.


Taking It Seriously

Jul 17, 2014

Working seriously at it now. Been going to the gym every day and eating how I'm supposed to, working with the band instead of against it.  I will get back to where I was before I had Ian and then move forward from there. I can do this. 


Time Flies

Apr 24, 2014

Goodness, I can't believe that in less than two months, Ian will be a year already.  It's time to get serious again.  Between school and Ian, spending time with the hubby, I've been very lax on losing weight and instead of losing I've gained. Blargh. The good news after this semester, school will no longer be a problem because I'll have my BA so there will be more time opened up to get to the pool and such like I want to do.  It seems that all I do these do these days are assignments for classes, granted I'm the goober taking seven classes so I can finish and not need another semester. Time to get my butt back in gear and do what needs to be done. No more excuses.


Healthy Baby Boy :)

Jun 22, 2013

Ian arrived on Wednesday via c-section. They wanted to pull him at 37 weeks because he was considered full term and they were concerned about deceleration spikes they were noting on the recent NSTs. An amnio verified he had fully functioning lungs, so they pulled him Wednesday and it turned out he was almost a pound more than his original estimated weight.  8 pounds 6 ounces and a little sooner than expected, but he's perfectly healthy and even if i am a little biased, absolutely beautiful. Still having a hard time fathoming that i had a part in his creation.


Oh can't all be perfect

May 09, 2013

I thrill when I get I feel the big ole' beach ball move. However, gestational diabetes late in the game. Joy. Thrills. :( What they want me to eat gets stuck in the band. Can't eat any potato, rice, pasta, or bread. Stuck or makes my blood sugar soar when I can. ::sigh:: Ah well. Two months to go. I can figure this out for two months.



Mar 28, 2013

Thank goodness the weight stabilized itself. I didn't change any eating habits, it just slowed down. Phew. Doctor stopped barking at me and I gaining a few pounds a month. Almost 26 weeks. Baby is doing very well. I'm dealing with and accepting the numbers on the scale. Hubby is still running around like Little John in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves shouting "MY SON." ::shakes head:: kiss He is impatient and wants to feel the baby kicks himself. I told him to wait a month. HE doesn't want to wait. ::laugh::


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