Day 2 of Pre-Op Liquid diet...God is trying to test me

Jan 10, 2018

I am sitting in my hotel room, finishing up Day 2 of my Pre-Op Liquid diet and I am feeling tested by some higher power.   As I mentioned yesterday, I am on a business trip and right now I reflecting on the strength that I have shown today.  Now most of my business trips follow the same pattern...

Get up eat brekfast at the hotel

Go to the businees site- work and eat lunch

Finish work-Go out to eat with my colleagues and then back to the hotel and have some soda, watch TV and go to bed, 

I had to modify my pattern with being on the liquid diet, so I got in to town, went shopping, bought lots of water, broth, skim milk for my protien drink, and sugar free jello.  I felt prepared..little did I know that this client was going to be the one that decided to provide lots of  food for us while we are at work...Salads, cookies, Pizza, Fudge, cupcakes, chocolates, and so on...It has been a constant temptation fest while at work..Yet, I have been strong, bring two large bottle of water, and broth packets with me and drinking like a flower that has not been watered in ages.   I have avoided the temptations.  

My collegaues that I am traveling with have all had WLS, some successfully and some not so successfully, and I looked at them at the end of the work day in food temptation hell and asked them to drop me at the hotel, because I could not face going to a restaurant and wathcing them eat.  Today, they wanted to go to IHOP and I was definitely not going to survive some of them eating pancakes...UGH.  They all think that I am taking this Pre-Op diet too seriously and that it would not hurt to have a little food on day 2, as long as I buckle down and stick to it once I get home again.  I disgreee!!!  If I am going to do this, than I am all in!!  I am not cheating on the Pre-Op diet just because I am craving some solid food on day 2.  This is the rest of my life and maybe this is the test of whether I can handle this surgery.  I mean i am sure that cravings and wants are going to continue after I have the surgery and yes, I know that you can "cheat" after the surgery, but doesn't that defeat the point!!  The point for me is to use this tool to make permenant changes in how and what i eat. Yes, I am feeling a little tired from not getting a lot of calories in my body right now, but I am nore tired of feeling too tired do things with my know too tired to walk around the mall for hours window shopping, Tired of not likning how I look, Tired of having to worry that one of these days my body is going to get tired of carrying around all this excess weight around and decide to make me pay for the years of neglect to my health.  


So i am sticking with this Pre-Op phase and instead I am going to focus how this minor struggle is going to make me stronger and more ready to make the necessary changes in my life.   

Tomorrow, i work a half day and then I have to travel for about 6 hours to get back home.  Being in the air and at airports for that long is going to be another struggle, but that will make me even stronger. 


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