Pre-op diet at an airport with major travel delays.

Jan 12, 2018

I flew home yesterday while on my pre-op liquid diet...lessons learned.  I was delayed on both my flights and had to spend over 5 hours in the airport waiting for flights.  Typically I would just go to a restaurant and hang out, but since I was on my liquid diet that was not really an option.  I bought several bottles of expensive airport water and hung out at the gate.  Then I would get up and walk the terminal trying to distract myself my hunger, but it was not easy since the terminal was filled with the smell of food. I was determined to not cheat on this pre-op phase and so far I have succeeded!  Four more days of liquid diet and then I will be going in for surgery.  I am slightly exhausted, but I am happy to be home where I have more options then living in a hotel room and the added bonus of not having the temptation of restaurants and fast food. 



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