Pre-Op Nesting??

Jan 13, 2018

I feel like I am nesting for myself post-surgery...Today i have cleaned and organized my pantry, fridge, and freezer.  I threw out a lot of junk food that was sitting in pantry that my daughter won't eat, so obviously I bought it for me and I will not be eating it so out it went.   It almost feels like the nesting I did right before I had my daughter 14 years ago.  So it hit me that it is very comparable, 14 years ago I was preparing my home and myself for my new life with a child and today I am preparing my home and myself for my new life and my new relationship with food.  


I am getting ready to go out and buy a few things for my post-op phase when I come home, but not a lot because I do not want to over buy especially that with the many warnings that I have received that my tastes may change post-op. I don't want to buy things that I will not be able to eat post-op.  I will buy small amounts of a few things in order to have more choices.  Once things settle down, I will buy more, in the meantime I know that my husband is quite capable of picking up a few things if I need them once I get home but before I am up for shopping myself. 


I have 3 days left before surgery and I am so excited.