It's been a long, slow, and quite an aggrivating road.  I've done research on gastric bypass surgery for over 2 years now, and wanted it after one month of research.  It's a hurry up and wait game because of all the stupid evals I have to get per Wellcare before they approve the surgery.  I started this journey the middle of May 2006, and its now the middle of October 2006!  Getting the refferals and appointments take a long time, and I'm sure that Wellcare was hoping I would say forget it and stop pursuing this surgery.  To Wellcare...NOOOOOO WAY!!!  I want to go back to work and enjoy the rest of my life, so trust me, I will continue to pursue this avenue vigorously!  Hound you if I have to! 

December 14, 2006-- Denied!!!  I can't believe it.  Medicaid denied me!  I am so very upset, depressed, been crying all day.  I just can't believe it.  I feel like I'm in a prison, and my life is going no where.  Screw everything, I give, they won. 

February 10, 2006-- I decided to appeal Medicaid's  decision.  On January 9, I sent in my appeal after doing research online and finding some good links to add into my appeal.  I received the overturn on the denial today!  I don't know if anyone knows how HARD it is to get Medicaid to overturn a denial, but I did it and now come Monday, I will be scheduling my appointment for the surgery!!!    hehehehehe  I'm so excited, nervous, scared, and I feel like I've forgotten everything I learned before the denial.  I will be studying my "book" about all the information from my nutritionist booklet this weekend and up till my surgery.  Whew!  I'm SO EXCITED!!!  

September 27, 2007--  Wooohooo I did it!  At 6 months I lost 110 lbs!  Yaaaayyy!!!

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