Sunday blessings

Jan 25, 2015

My daughter & I went to church with my Dad this morning so that was a blessing.  I almost lost my Dad 5 years ago so every time I get to see my folks I'm thankful.  My daughter hugged me and is able to wrap her arms all the way around me with some hug room to spare; when she does this she calls me I don't think 194 is skinny but compared to almost 300 this time last year (282) I'm skinnier.  I just feel so much better for which I'm thankful & blessed.  I was able to wear a suit that I've been saving till I could wear it and the pants were actually getting baggy.  I bought a shirt today in the normal size section at Wal-mart; I usually thrift shop but needed a plain off white top to go with an Eddie Bauer-guess I spelled it right...suede jacket that I got on my last thrift outing.  Normal sized clothes WOW I never thought I'd be in that section again.  I still think I'm fat and will be glad when my mind catches up to my loss.  I went to my husbands hunting club last weekend, we have a camper trailer there & the last time I went I could hardly sit on the little toilet in the tiny bathroom but this time I had room to spare tmi I guess but this amazed me.  I still catch myself walking around things like I'm still huge...gotta work on that.  Just praying that we all take the time to count our blessings great and small.  Today was a beautiful day & just being able to receive that hug from my normally "I'm to cool to hug you Mom" teenager was great. 


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