2 Years!!

Feb 18, 2010

It's my 2 Year Surgiversary!!! I stay right at about 150-155...I  CAN gain weight. I CAN eat. This is a scary time. I read that the body grows new villi in the intestine so that  calories can be absorbed while vitamins still cannot. So it said at 2 years I am basically absorbing ALL of my calories. This is very scary for me as I do not want to gain any weight. I will be back to my dieting lifestyle...but at this point it's to maintain. I wear anywhere from a 6 to a 10 depending on the clothes.

I had my arms done...there are scars, but way better than the bat wings. I had my tummy done...I have the "Ken doll" bulge in the front. My PS says he san to a pubic reduction which of course costs money. I think NOT.
I do notice my skin tone has gotten flabbier in this past year...so I am worried my new belly button is going to sag back into the little winky it used to be. My thighs are disgusting...and  my poor boobs...wow...they really took the brunt of the weight loss. I have extra skin on my hips and butt too but the thighs are like wrinkly pantyhose. So not attractive!

I am still losing some hair and what came back is way thinner than it was pre op. I am not sorry in the least though. I would go thru surgery every single year to stay at the weight I am at.
I need to get re dedicated  and stop snacking so much. I find that I get munchie...and then I eat nuts, crackers or  chips. I can't eat very much of a meal, but I can eat a lot of snacks. Now that my body is absorbing I need to be more careful.

I am still so happy and thankful to have had this surgery...I welcome questions from pre ops anytime.



Jan 15, 2009

I was just approved by my insurance for my tummy tuck!! Well,  they will pay for the pannus and I will pay the difference to get an entire tummy tuck. I figure while I am knocked out and  he is already  there...I might as well put myself in a little bit of debt. I am freaking out!!   I  thought I would get boobs before tummy...but my ex is taking me off the insurance Feb 1 and the pre auth just came in...so I  have to get rocking! SCARY!!

1-12-2009 11 Months Post op

Jan 13, 2009

Okay...it's been a really long time since I have posted...but  my weight has been pretty much stabilized at 150 ish. I have SEEN  147...but some mornings my scale says 152... and it's been like this for   the past 4 months. I was able to get  my brachioplasty done 12-29-08...so I am 2 weeks out from that and so far it's hard to tell  how they will look.  I have   bunchy  tissue and a lot of swelling.  My  surgeon swears they look GREAT...but he can see past the healing point and I can't.
So  far I am at 128 pound weight loss since I began and  105 pounds weight loss  since surgery. I can eat anything I want to...trouble is,   I like crackers.   I like all crackers  and    cashews...I am a big fan of those as well!  Naughty bad,  I know!!
I have tasted a  couple of sweet things,   but    I can't eat much thank goodness!  I really don't have the cravings even after a taste...and evidently I don't have dumping issues either,   but I don't want to test that  too much.

On a personal note...my divorce will be final in April and I am engaged!! I met an amazing man that I want to spend
the rest of my life with.  He knows about my surgery and has been supportive. I  am self conscious about the extra skin and lack of boobs since the wieght loss,    but  he is not concerned about it in the least.
I will be relocating to  where he lives which is about 2 hours from where I live...but    life changes and  I need to change with it!

My hair has stopped falling out and has started growing back in!!!   I swear by Hair, Skin and Nails.  I take 2 per day...and I think it really helped me to not lose as much as I could have.

I am  still so thankful  for my surgery. Life is incredible,  and I am truly happy.


8-14-2008 6 Months Post Op

Aug 16, 2008

I weigh  165.5 according to Dr. K's scale...mine at home says as low as 166 and as high as 170. It's a pathological liar.  Total weight loss since surgery 90 pounds...since the beginning of my journey  113 pounds. I  still feel really good. 

My new Bestie,  Reesa is also post op...we met here thru OH and  she is doing awesome too...she just made it to ONDERLAND and I am sooo proud of her!!
We have the best times together...and  are loving every shopping spree like  skinny little teenagers!  It's so nice to not have to shop at the big size stores...or in the plus size departments in the regular stores. We take piles of clothes in with us and  try on things we thought we would never
ever be able to fit into.
Eating out is also a real treat...we are super cheap dates and we both eat the same things and the same way...so    it's just so fun to have someone to share  with!
Check out our pics...wahoooo...we are SHRINKING!

I am wearing a 12 pretty comfortably...
I can squeeze into a 10...but I can't sit down without a huge mushroom
over the top of the waist.
Not attractive  or comfortable!!

All of my levels were good...I need a little more protein and I need to remember to take my iron better.

On the personal side...I am dating. It's scary and weird...but  atleast I am seeing what is out there. 

7-19-2008 5 Months out

Jul 19, 2008

I am now weighing 170 and wearing a  loose size 14. That is 85 pounds since surgery and 108 since I first started my journey.  I recently went to Great America and was able to ride anything I wanted...that was really exciting for me!  I still don't really eat much because of my marital situation...but  I have not had a single issue with anything I have tried to eat. I have A LOT of extra skin, especially  on my arms and  thighs. I  was mostly concerned with how my tummy and boobs would end up...but the arms and thighs bother me more!  I am  now drinking 2 shakes per day...trying to eat some protein and am taking the usual vitamins. I did change the the Citracal Petites instead of the  chewable calcium. I take 3 of those per day .

The only medical thing I have going on is numbness in my right  foot and leg. The surgeon's office told me to add B1 to my vitamins, which I did and it is not going away.  My PCP has referred me to a neurologist...so I will have that appointment in a couple of weeks to see if this is some sort of nerve damage or vitamin deficiency. Other than that...I no longer have high blood pressure and am only taking my Actigal as a prescription.

My hair  is falling out!!!
Right around the 4 month mark...it began.
I get   a lot of it out in the shower...and then while I am fixing my hair
in the mornings. It doesn't seem to be falling out thru out the day, thankfully.   It's gotten thinner...I am taking  Hair, Skin and Nails which has 3000 mg of biotin in it per day...but it's still falling out.

I still have no regrets...I am able to stick to the diet restrictions without any problems what so ever.  I still weigh several times per day,   but it's so exciting to see the scale come down...even when I stall...and I do about every 2 weeks...it's still exciting to not see myself weighing over 200 pounds.

6-3-2008 16 weeks out

Jun 03, 2008

This morning I weighed 188. I know it's been since 1988 ish since I have been below 200...it's VERY exciting!! My husband decided that he still wants to end our marriage...so it's been really hard. I still can't really eat anything because my tummy is churning and burning from the stress. I am just taking every day one hour at a time.  I am going to the gym and reading break up books...also I  am still seeing the counselor to try and find my own identity and get some clarity thru these crazy times.  Since I had such an easy time with the surgery itself and the post op eating...I should have known something would come crashing down in my life.
I suppose my health is most important...so   I am grateful every day that I had this surgery and am on my way to a long healthy life in a smaller size.
I do hope to one day find love again. I believe in marriage and commitment. I believe in always and forever. I just need to believe in myself that it's possible to find happiness again.

5-15-2008 3 Months Out

May 15, 2008

I saw the surgeon today...weight is 197.5 BMI 31.9...58 lost since surgery...81 lost since the start of this journey.  I still struggle to get in enough protein but my levels were good.  I am really going thru a crisis right now...my husband has decided to leave me. We had a rock solid marriage...but evidently we let some issues build up without addressing them. We are going to counseling tomorrow to see if we can save what we have left.  I have been with him for 25 years...and  don't know how to be without him. The nights alone are hard.  I have no appetite what so ever,   so all I am really having daily are 2 protein shakes and my vitamins. I know I need to keep myself strong...but it's just a hard time  right now.
I am hoping we can work thru this...but if we can't...I will be still be transforming into a much healthier person. I  still have no regrets abouot the surgery and hope I will continue to melt away!

4-8-2008 2 Months Out

Apr 08, 2008

This morning I weighed 220, that is 35 pounds down from surgery(8 weeks)58 pounds down since I started this journey at 278.  I still feel amazing...everything goes down  well and most importantly   stays down. I have not gotten sick on anything and have tried pork, beef and chicken. I eat everything in   tiny little portions and  CHEW CHEW CHEW.  I have gone back to  eating Atkins protein bars for  additional protein intake. I am still drinking Worldwide Frosty Chocolate shakes...but can only get about a half
of  one  per day.  There just is not enough time in the day to consume all the liquids, food and protein needed...because I get too full. The only thing I can eat in it's entirety is a SF popsicle.

I had a stall for almost 2 weeks where I could NOT lose any weight.
All of a sudden 2 pounds came off and then another 2. For a split second yeaterday,  I was down to 219...that was a fleeting moment. My scale is a pathological liar and I seriously contemplate it's demise on a daily basis...
but then it redeems itself right before I begin the dismantling process.
I am so looking forward to getting to 199!!!

As for sizes...I  went out to Target and bought myself  size 20 capris.
I am SO EXCITED!!!   As much as I love being able to fit into a 20,
it's my secret hope that I won't be able to wear them that long...
that another 20 pounds will melt right off me while I sleep and I will need
an 18.   

My PCP has me taking 2500 MCG of B12 3x per week...I am taking a multi vitamin...Actigall for my gallbladder 2x per day...and lots of calcium and Fiber Choice. I am experimenting with different Calcium supplements,
and have not found anything yet that I am in love with.
I am still taking 1/2 a beta blocker...but now only 3x per week as well. I am off of all the other blood pressure meds that I was on pre op and have been since the day after surgery.
I am going to the gym 3-4 nights a week...but only staying 30 minutes...
I can do a mile on the treadmill in 20 minutes and then another 10 minutes on the bike.

So far people have not noticed any weight loss...they all  think I have done
something to my hair.  I did darken it...but that was right after surgery and it's lightened up a lot.   I am okay with them thinking it's my hair... that way I don't have to  discuss my weight loss with them.

I am still so happy and thankful to have had this surgery...
it's working...I just need to hang in there thru the times when I stall and
have faith that the pounds are going to disappear!

3-12-2008 1 Month out

Mar 12, 2008

I had my   1 month  appointment today. According to my labs,  everything is fine...just a little low on B12 , so I will start one sublingual 1x per week. I am going to ask my PCP about getting a monthly injection in the office. I have lost 26 pounds... my weight was 228...BMI down to 36.8.  I am just counting weight loss since surgery... but if I take into account the weight I lost before surgery...I am down 50 pounds!!!   I am able now to move onto the next diet stage...so far everything I have eaten has gone down well and stayed down. I went to a support group meeting last night...and it was really nice!  Today I feel a little pressure in my chest when I drink.  Of course it started AFTER my doctor visit.   I hope I am not developing a blockage of some sort...I hope I am  just being being paranoid.


Mar 03, 2008

Just a side note...I got the bill from the hospital..this does not include the surgeon's fees. Is everyone sitting down?  $73,000. THankfully I only had to pay $1000 of that...but  I have heard the cash price is $25,000 including the surgeon...how can the hospital alone be $73,000????

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