Aug 01, 2009

So I have reached my first delima in my surgery progression.  I pay my rent in advance with my grant money from school so that I don' t have to work alot during the semester.  Well, thanks to the Ohio Budget revision, I will not be getting as much money as I planned.  As a matter of fact it is not even enough to pay for my tuition and books.  What do I do?  I am taking 16 credits and if I go below full time status, they will give me less money and if I take fewer credits but stay full time, it will cost the same amount.  I do not have good enough credit to take out a personal loan, and I am just at a total loss.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to get about 2500?????  I am afraid that if I don't get approved soon, and if the healthcare gets reformed I may never be able to get this surgery done.  What do I do?  Any suggestions are welcome!
I guess this is the time that I need to remember my new motto....No Worries!


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