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Nov 12, 2009

So, even though all the insurance mumbo jumbo has me a little flustered, I have decided to take this time and start transferring my addiction to healthy options.  At the suggestion of my psychologist, I have found that I like walking...A LOT!  I have began eating as if I have already had surgery, (not portion sizes, but protien first, then veggies, ect) and I am already walking at 3 mph for 40 minutes a day!  I think this is why I have been hassled by my insurance give me time to really prepare completely mentally for this surgery.  I have ready countless profiles that wish that they had done this before, so I am learning from their mistakes (thanks!) in hopes that life after surgery is a little easier to adjust to.  I hope that I am not foolishly tricking myself, but only time will tell.  Any thoughts?
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