Somewhat Puzzled....01/07/09

Jan 07, 2009

Here I am again . It was so nice to see my friends at the meeting last night . Everyone looks wonderful ! The way things have been going for me lately I needed an uplifting moment . I try not to let myself be the jealous kind because I think jealousy is a destructive trait and it just makes you feel worse . I am happy for everyone that is winning this weightloss battle . I just wish my time would hurry up  and get here  .  Well ..... you know what they say about wishing   lol . I think once I get this health issue diagnosed I will feel better when I exercise . Before Christmas I went to my pcp and unfortunately she was retiring that week . My problem is I am having numbness in my hands , arms , feet and legs . It really scared me . She was not going to be in the office to get the bloodwork results which is the first step so she was going to go ahead and send me to a neurologist . She said after three days I should hear from the office about my appt . I never did so I called . Come to find out they were behind in doing their refferals and hadn't got to it yet . After thinking about it for a few days I had decided I didn't need to go to a specialist . I  am almost sure the numbness is caused from my exercise .. a pinched nerve or something so I told them that was O.K. I changed my mind and not to make the appt . So I had to find a new pcp . My husband ask his coworkers who would be a good one and two of them use the same Dr. and just really like her . So I made an appt . with her. Now here is where the puzzle comes in : They told me to be prepared to be in the office three hrs. because she was going to do a complete physical . She looked over my medical history knew all about the band and then I told her about my numbness . Before I left I met with her in her office . She told me from what I told her and the examination she had an idea what was wrong with me but she wasn't going to discuss it until the bloodwork came back and she was pretty sure my bloodwork was going to be fine. I thought oh goody just as I thought a pinched nerve no big deal I'm home free . THEN she writes me a prescription and I swear to you this is how it played out.... for an ASTHMA  inhaler..... I LOOKED STUNNED.... what the heck I'm thinking . So I tell her I haven't had asthma since I was 12 . I do have problems with sinuses and allergies but I take medication for that when I need it . She just shook her hand and said give it a try and in about 3 days after taking it I should see a difference in how I feel .  Then she told me we would discuss it more when I go back for my next appt. after she gets the bloodwork results . I decided to not go to the gym for a few days and after taking that medication the numbness went away so I thought . I went to the gym yesterday did a heavy workout and I was miserable last night the numbness came back everytime I tried to sleep on either side . so that makes me almost positve it is something to do with the weights I'm doing . I had the engery to run on the treadmill which I haven't done in a while . I do feel better since taking the inhaler . My sinuses feel a lot better . But I go in there for numbness and walk out with an asthma inhaler ???? and why couldn't she just tell me it was a pinched nerve or whatever instead of having to wait for the bloodwork to come back if she thought the bloodwork was going to be fine . I'm soooo confused ....... I just want some relief from this numbness . ~ Cy


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