Just Another Day.....

Feb 14, 2009

In band land . Well  ,today is Valentines day and I have no complaints . I'm playing on the computer and hes playing with the dog lol . It has been a good day but I just can't seem to shake this blue feeling . The never give up girl is wearing down . Don't want to turn this into a gripefest but I'm discouraged . I don't know why I never have restriction . I've had very little since my last fill in January and have lost no weight  in  fact I am struggling. I had another fill in March but canceled it because what the heck... I feel like I am just wasting my money if I can still eat, am still hungry and it doesn't work . THAT really sucks !!!!  I am just not at a happy place right now weight wise . I never knew this band was going to be so hard to deal with . I'm not knocking it , its just I thought my "dieting" days were going to be over and its not . I long to eat like a normal person not get hungry and be at a reasonable weight which for me is about 145 lbs...... and it looks like its NOT going to happen . One of the problems is I eat the wrong foods but that has always been my problem . Why can't I get full on the right foods and not eat the bad foods ??????  I thought when you had restriction you didn't have hunger . Head hunger... stomach hunger... hunger is hunger is hunger. O.K. enough already lol . People that have had rny seem to not get hungry can not eat much of the "bad" foods and even though their weight loss to them seems slow lose weight fast . I wish I could say good things about this band right now but I can't . Maybe it is just me and I am a weak person . I want to eat to live not live to eat . If I want to be a success at this I know I've got to change my way of thinking and I guess that is what I'm so angry about . I can't eat what I want and lose weight ...its not EVER going to be easy . O.K. I feel better life goes on and tomorrows a brand new day ... I will do better ! . ~  Cy.....I just want to add to anyone that is reading this I don't mean to bring you down . This is just venting on my part... I'm really mad at myself and the bad habits I have fallen back on .


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