On The Bandwagon Again .....4 /22/09

Apr 22, 2009

As of yesterday I am finally back up on the wagon again . I made myself weigh which I haven't been on the scales in two months. Yikes ! I almost fell over . Stopped feeling sorry for myself , quit using the asthma inhaler { couple of weeks ago } which  I think , increased my appetite . Started writing down my food and keeping up with calories and most importantly detoxed our house of junk . I am a junk food addict and I just cannot , cannot have it in the house . I have no selfcontrol what -so- ever with it... not even with the 100 calorie pack stuff . I'm meeting with my trainer today to start a new exercise program next week and I vow to walk on my tm at home { which I have slacked on } on the days I don't go to the gym. This numbness thing I got going on has not gone away and I don't think it is going to . I'm not feeling sorry for myself and I'm not ready to go to the Dr. with it because I am sick of running to Drs . I had surgery on my knee in "05" band surgery in "06" Hysterectomy in "07"  and it seems just when I get to feeling great something else breaks down lol . I have been taking Melatonin { not every night } to help me sleep and it works really well . I have decided when I can't move I'll worry about it  if its Osteoarthritis like my medical Dr. insists it is then there isn't much they can do for me except give me pills or a shot . I am use to it during the day and as long as I can sleep at night I'm O.K. All in all life is good and I have a lot to be thankful for . I will be back in my size ten's soon . I have been eating between 1000 and 1200 calories a day and feel very satisfied on that .  I'm happy because I Know I can do this and I will eventually . I just wish I wasn't such a slow learner when it comes to food and that I wouldn't let things get way out of hand before I correct it . Its not that I'm not aware of what I'm doing I just can't stop until I reach a certain point . One thing I know for sure , I will probably always be this way I'm just going to have to learn how to manage it . The way an alcoholic stays away for alchol , the way a drug addict stays away from drugs . I've got to stay away from sugar . I've got to treat it like its poison to me if I'm ever going to be succesful at this . I knew when I started this journey what I was in for because I know how I am but one thing I can say is it works , because I had surgery over two years ago and I've managed to keep my weight { or get it back under } below 200 lbs . That for me is a feat . Especially when for over a decade I struggled to get under 250 lbs. except for when I did the green box diet . Anyhow , this is enough of this ! I'm back with gusto and I'm going to work it for all its worth lol . ~ Cy


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