It's been two and a half years already???

Jun 05, 2010

I honestly can't believe it's been two and half years since my surgery. Time really does fly!

I got on the scales this morning and weighed in at 148. That's down from my highest weight of 450-ish, for a loss of 302 pounds. I have lost six small bales of hay or an average football lineman! 

Alas, I still have the skin to fit that lineman. However, I will be having hernia surgery and either a tummy tuck or lower body lift at the end of the year. Yay! My surgeon estimates approximately 25-30 pounds of excess skin, which should leave me right where I want to be: around 120-125 pounds.

Recently, I had an attack of pancreaitis. I was in the hospital for three days on a saline drip, NPO. Not fun! Be warned: Pancreaitis is a posible complication of gastric bypass surgery. I was letting my diet slip, but boy did my body tell me in no uncertain terms to get back on track.

I found this list on my profile of things I'd like to do when I lost weight:

Run up a flight of steps without being out of breath.
*I can quickly walk up two flights of steps without being out of breath.

Shop in any regular-sized clothing and shoe store.
*I can!

Buy a pair of tall boots.
*I have this gorgeous pair of tall boots that make my legs look fabulous!

Buy a designer cocktail dress.
*I don't have a designer cocktail dress yet, but I do have a couple of very nice dresses.

Learn to ballroom dance.
*Taking salsa classes this summer.

Finally get a stamp in my passport and fit comfortably in the airplane seat while doing it.
*I can fit in the airplane seat, but no international trips yet.

Cross my legs.
*Crossed as I'm typing this.

Go hiking and camping again.
*No camping trips yet, but a few excursions with friends.

Learn how to kayak.
*Not yet.

I'm told pantyhose can be comfortable, I'd like to find out if that's true.
*I still don't like pantyhose, but I'm amazed at how easy they are to put on now!

Borrow my mom's and sister's clothes. Watch out!
*Mom borrows clothes from me. Sis has gained weight and lent me her smaller clothes.

Finally feel comfortable on stage so I can take up that lounge singer act I've been planning
*I sing karaoke two nights a week and have been asked to audition for a couple of bands!

I am wearing size 8 and 10 pants, mostly Medium tops and dresses (depending on the fit) and size 7 shoes. Men call me 'hot' and 'sexy'!

The attention from the guys is the craziest. Having been a big girl all of my life, it's not something I'm accustomed to. But I like it!

I'm religious about my vitamins. I get my protein in - although I still supplement with a protein shake several days a week. I eat about a cup of food at a sitting. I'm always drinking water or decaf iced tea. I have a few alcoholic drinks a week and I do have sweets, in moderation.

I feel that I'm much more in control of my life and my food since surgery. I'll forever be grateful to the help of my surgeon, my nutritionist and my therapist for giving me the tools to succeed.

My therapist fired me last year. She told me I had 'excellent coping mechanisms' and was 'normal'. So, I've been flying solo ever since and doing well.

I've posted a few pics of me from the last six months.

If you're considering surgery, please do your research on the procedure, the complications/side effects, your surgeon and your hospital. Also make sure your general practitioner is on-board or find another who is willing to be part of the program.

I'm glad I did this and I've no regrets!

Keep the faith!


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