Countdown To Slim-Down -- T Minus 8, 7 Days & Counting

Mar 18, 2013

Holly Shit Batman!! What happened to yesterday? I think I was robbed of a pre-op day. But that's probably a good thing. If the rest go by that quickly I will be sitting in the hospital trying to hammer out my T Minus 5,4,3,2,1 Days & Counting blog post.

I have really got to stop reading posts on OH for a bit. I am having issues with keeping my mouth closed when I see people post crazy shit. I think there are people on this board that secretly want you to fail. Why? Maybe because they are not doing as well as they want so if everyone else fails they will look better? I don't know. Plus everyone on here won't leave you alone about your decision if you decide to cross-post on another board to be helpful. I have posted on the VSG, DS, and Canadian boards and pretty much all 3 boards there's someone on there who is trying to sell me on their surgery being the best option for me. Maybe it is, I don't know.

It's not too late to stop really, but I've done the research and RNY seems to be the one I need. Why do I keep looking back? You also see a lot of enabling on this board too. Someone posts about their problems and instead of being real with the person they get all sympathetic and understanding. Bullshit, if someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing, you've got to tell them. Don't tell them it's okay and just hope things get better for them. You know?!! Example: (Dumbass says:) Hey guys, I'm having so much trouble with dumping right now. I only eat 6,000 grams of sugar a day and I can't figure out why I dump and haven't lost any weight. (Helpful Enabler Says:) Oh it's okay. Just try to cut back on the sugar a little bit gradually. You've lost a lot of weight already so you are doing good. This stall will just go by pretty soon. Try to increase your protein too. Maybe that will help with the sugar cravings. What a real poster should be saying!: WTF!! Are you nuts!!?? Quit eating the sugar dumb ass! If you can't figure out why you're dumping and not losing weight when you eat all that sugar then perhaps you should have your surgery reversed.

Seriously people. Are there surgeons out there that don't tell people what to expect? Are there people out there with Al Gore's Internet available at the local library that can't get off their ass and go read about what they are getting ready to do to their bodies? You can post on OH, but you can't read about the surgery before you have it. Or maybe you just don't believe what you read. You really don't have to believe it all, but when you come on this site and read through the blogs and forum posts you should get a sense of the amount of changes required to have surgery.

Okay, enough venting. Can you tell I've been reading a bit too much?