Countdown To Slim-Down -- T Minus 5, 4 Days & Counting

Mar 22, 2013

4 Days!! I had my Bariatric Education Class yesterday at the hospital. It's a little late in the game for me to have that, but it's required. There were a few other people in the same boat. They went over what to expect while you're in the hospital. They tell you about all the tubes and medications that you may have when you wake up. I'm pretty sure my doctor doesn't do the pain pump and they told me the other day no catheter. The nurse in the class did say that many surgeons (at least at this hospital) prescribe a blood thinner medication after surgery that is done with [self] injections like insulin shots. I can say without a doubt that NO ONE in the room expected that one. Not too many expected the catheter conversation either. I haven't heard the blood thinner thing as of yet, but when I asked my friend at work about it she did recall having to do that.

They went over the incentive spirometer for breathing practice. I was the only dumb ass in the class that wasn't paying attention when she said to inhale and I was turning purple trying to blow into it. When I raised my hand to tell her that mine was defective, she looked at me and said, "Don't forget everyone, you need to inhale, not exhale." Much to my dismay, everyone was looking at me as well and I just said, "Oh, that would help. I guess it does work." Duh!! The rest of the class was more of a review of what I already knew and pretty much they couldn't tell you anything as a definite. If you asked them a questionable question they would just defer you to your surgeon. So, pretty much it was a bunch of answers to go check with your surgeon. There were a few helpful things in there I suppose. 

I'm pretty anxious these days and not much is sitting well in the ole tummy so every time I eat I get a belly grumble like I just ate something I shouldn't have. I told most of the people at work I would see them in 3 weeks and I sincerely hope I do. The alternatives to that are not acceptable to me. :-)

Well, another day down and a few more left. Nerves of steel are crumbling!!