Countdown To Slim-Down -- T Minus [LESS THAN] 1 Day & Counting

Mar 24, 2013

In a reply to one other comment on my previous post I wanted to know how to spell a barfing sound. That's the way my stomach feels right now. I'm on my second morning of the scrub down procedure my hospital recommends. They gave me some soap stuff that kills all the micro-organisms on your body and I was told to start using it 2 days prior and the morning of surgery. You have to let the stuff stay on your body for 5 - 10 minutes. It doesn't really stink or anything, it's just very boring standing in the shower with the water off for 5 minutes. Time goes by very slow!! It irritates my skin just a little. It feels kind of weird. They said not to put it on your face so I imagine it must burn a little on the more sensitive skin.

On a good note... I think somewhere in my blogs and/or one of my posts I mentioned my hesitation in talking about this surgery with my mother. I couldn't last any longer. I had to tell her. I originally planned to maybe just tell her about my gallbladder being removed or just nothing at all. Well, last night I told her and she said, "Fantastic!" What!?? Did you just say fantastic? For real? My mom? Seriously? I told her that I have been dreading the moment I would have to tell her. She didn't ask why so I assume she probably knows why. I don't know, maybe my dad did tell her and told her not to be unsupportive. they are divorced in case you didn't know but they do still talk. It's an odd thing with my family, but we all get along - steps, ex's, in-laws, adopted, you name it. Anyway, I was so glad that my mom seems to be on board with this. It will make those family visits that much easier. However, I know I'm in for years (let's hope many years really) of questions and comments from my mother. She will still be very critical of what I put in my mouth I'm sure. Probably more so now. I know she's just trying to be helpful but sometimes it's overwhelming and frustrating.

Okay, well I'm off to go do a few last minute errands and pick some stuff up for after the surgery.


Wish me luck!!!

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