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May 27, 2009

just a quick update, had my tummy done (just skin, no muscles) in feb of 08, and in dec of 08 had an inner thigh lift. Was due to have a full belt im april of 09, but we moved to europe in march, and i have to wait till i get back to the states. However, got here to the netherlands (Holland) and found out i was pregnant... so after NOV of 09 i will have my belt, then after that, arms and breasts... no exact dates, as fast as my body heals!

its been too long!

Mar 07, 2007

hi all, i figure it has been been 7 months since surgery i better start updating all my profiles! I have lost85lbs. YEAH!  i am married now, so i'm not a princess anymore! i caoch soccer on thursday nights and i miss my support group because of that. So i am going to try to find another one here soon! so if you all know of some in the tacoma area, let me know!!!

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Oct 14, 2006

Hi, my name is Dani for short. I became interested in WLS about 3 years ago when a friend of mine had a RNY. I weigh about 260 currently with a height of 5'4''.  Tricare is covering the surgery, hopefully in the next two months or so. Taking part in the mandatory "pathways" for Madigan Army Medical Center. I have already had one psych eval for my last insurance (united health care), but i will have to re-do the psych eval with madigan. I will keep you  posted... now awaiting a surgery date....

WOW after all the ups and downs associated with trying to get the pathways completed, getting birth control taken care of(if you ever get an IUD placed, ASK FOR ANESTHESIA!!!) and the possibility of a year long waiting list after all that, it has finally all paid off. I got a surgery date! YEAH!!! 07/08/06!!! YEAH ON MONDAY!!!! i recieved notification today and went in and did all my pre-op stuff. All i have left is to get a fasting blood draw tomarrow morning sometime! YEAH. will keep everyone posted as to all the post op info! pre op weight 274#.

The whole process took from start to finnish 3 months 2 weeks. Not bad HUH!

this is my first post op entry. i was supposed to wait a week to weigh myself, but i could not wait untill tomarrow! so i weighed myself this am an i was 161# Holy S#it!... i tought i was going to fall off the scale...after i wipe dmy eyes to make sure they were clear a few times! okay now that the fun part is over.... i'm still not liking my drain too much, it is very uncomfortable, but, only a week left. i may have to go back to work a week early, we will find out tomorrow. i will keep you all posted. Thank you all for your support!

okay, so i went back to work at 2 weeks out and thats why i have been so busy! Today is exactly 7 weeks (but only a month and a half, funny how that works huh!) post op and i'm down to 240lbs! Yeah! So 34lbs down and only 100ish lbs to go!!! i'm a slow looser but that is okay with me so far, i actually have more energy! i waked the airfield today, 4.2 miles. i'm a little dehydrated, but overall okay! i'll catch up on hydration tonight and tomorrow. Thank you all again for all the support.

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