I hope that was the last...

Apr 26, 2010

Ok, So i'm done with the hernia repair and GB removal. YAY! I don't know what has caused all the post op pain, maybe I'm just a wus, but at one point during the night after the surgery, getting up for the 3rd time to pee, I asked my DH to kill me I was in so much pain. MY GOD!!! It was 100% worse than the original GBP, I could barely stand the pain of this! It's all localized on the side of the hernia, where they placed the mesh and tacked it into place. I have 15, yes FIFTEEEN new puncture sites from this surgery, and I have to stay ontop of my pain meds, otherwise, I hurt so bad, I can't even breathe. I've always been one with a fairly high tollerance for pain, but this was beyond my tollerance. I'm still pretty stiff and sore, 5 days out, but, I can at least move on my own, and shower and change on my own.

If this is any indication on how recovery for a TT is, my tummy is just going to have to stay flabby folks! I can live with a flabby tummy!

On a positive note, I'm glad it's over and done with, and I'm happy I'm on the mend, and that I don't have to worry with it anymore!


Coming 'round the mountain...

Apr 14, 2010

My gallbaldder removal and hernia repair have been scheduled for April 21st. I'm nervous to go under the knife again...but happy I'll be getting this taken care of. I'm so tired of hurting and feeling bad all the time. Seems as though lately, I can't eat without getting sick. It's a vicious cycle...and I don't wanna ride this bike anymore.

My poor DH is going to have a nervous breakdown soon if I don't get to feeling better. He's carrying the weight of the world on this sholders, and feels helpless when it comes to my pain. He's been so good in supporting me. I know it hasn't been easy. My daughter is a rock as well. This is alot for an 8 year old to have to bare..but she's been mother hen! She's going to be a great big sister someday!!

Ok..pray for me and my health..I wanna be able to focus on getting healthy!

All kinds of Mess...

Apr 07, 2010

So...I've got another hernia, AND just found out today, I've got gallstones. Off to the surgeon Monday to schedule my hernia repair with a side of gallbladder removal. HOPEFULLY, this will take care of all the pain i've been in as of late. Keep your fingers crossed!


Jan 08, 2010

...with food. Wow. Didn't ever think THAT would be possible. No, wait, there was that one time I was on Adkins. Gawd help me...I'm a carnivore thru and thru, but I couldn't take another day of meat and cheese. Kinda where i'm at now. Sick of meat and cheese. I'm of course incorporating "soft veggies" and some fruit in there...sigh...but alas...I'm still in a rut. Got two more weeks of this soft diet stuff. ready to branch out.

Oh, and my scale is apparently broken. hasn't moved in a week. must be on that famous 3 week plateau...yay me.



Jan 01, 2010

So I'm feeling a bit better....I'm still tired and groggy, I don't have alot of energy, and I REALLY need that to improve. I start back to school in a week. I can't afford to be this tired. My two week check up is Tuesday. I get to start my vitamins then thank goodness. I'm sure that will help bunches.
As of right now, all I've been able to eat and keep down are soft scrambled eggs with cheese (one egg at a time mind you), refried beans with cheese, corned beef hash, and applesauce. Forget the protein shakes. I can't stomach them. I start gagging bringing the cup up to my mouth. I tried SF peanut butter, and it tasted good, but I was nauseated the rest of the night, so I'm afraid to try it again. Yogurt gives me horrible gas. I'm just all out of sorts. I'm still drinking my blue poweraid, and trying to get my H2O in...it's HARD to get the fluids in. HARD. I drank MAYBE 2 cans of soda and one glass of tea a day before surgery, so trying to get 3 times that in after surgery and with a smaller stomach, is proving to be a bit of a challange. But, I am working at it. I'm trying to better my attitude...
hang tight..

On the flip side..

Dec 25, 2009

So, I'm officially one week post op. And I can say with all honesty, if I had to do it again right now, I'd say no every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. This has been the toughest, most painful, emotional roller coaster I've ever been on. Two days post op from the bypass, I herniated, and was throwing up blood and fecal material, had to go BACK to surgery and fix the hernia, So, I didn't leave the hospital till yesterday. My g-tube and blake drain cause me constant pain, and anytime I put anything in my g-tube, I get nauseated. I can't eat, well, I take that back, the best thing I've managed to eat so far is an egg. I'm supposed to be on a pureed diet for two weeks, but the thought of the food they gave me at the hospital, then all that throwing up I did causes a psychological nausea reaction, so, at this point, I figure it's better to try and eat things (like soft scrambled eggs and PB) in order to get my nutrition in than to force the whole "pureed chicken" thing. Sorry, not going to happen.
I've just been a wreck all week. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I'm dizzy from all the pain meds, sleepy, in pain. Please tell me this gets better? I'm So mad at myself for going thru this right now..
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Less than 48 to go..

Dec 16, 2009

Head hunger, head hunger, head hunger. And as if it wasn't bad enough, i've steadily been watching Man Vs. Food for 2 hours, making a mental note of all the food I didn't eat the past month. I start my liquid diet tomorrow (today), and just finished off my last solid food for a while..an apple. It was the best apple. ever. It's amazing how bad your head can get over something as simple as food. I guess most people wouldn't equate food with addiction, but if you've ever had to give it up (especially bad for you foods) for indefinite amounts of time, then you realize what someone with a narcotic or alcohol addiction might feel like. It isn't something I'm comfortable with. In any event, I'm ready for Friday. I've tried not to make a big deal of the whole "no food" thing, and keep myself busy. Thank goodness it's close to Christmas, and I've drowned myself in shopping and preperations for my Husbands return from his overseas tour of duty! I have around a month before he gets home, and i'm SO excited! He's been my angel, even from 7000 miles away. But even with his support, and the support of my wonderful friends and family, there are some battles I have to wage with myself.

Head hunger...you're going down... :)

Almost there!

Dec 06, 2009

So, we're coming down the wire! My surgery is scheduled for December 18th. Had my pre-op testing done last Thursday. Met with Dr. Washington, and I chose to be his first case that day! Which prolly means I'll have to be up bright an early. Oh yay. LOL.
Anyway..I'm ready to get the ball rolling. I'm on my pre-op diet, and getting my liver shrunk so there are NO issues!
Any words of wisdom out there I'll be happy to take!

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Just an update...

Sep 04, 2009

Nothing much going on, just finished week 3 of Nursing school. Only 4500 left to go... :) Actually, school is going well..hope I can keep up the momentum.
Got a call from the Doc's office, got my pre-op appt set up for December 3rd for all my blood work and chest x-rays. She said she'll keep me posted on weather or not I can move my surgery date up a week earlier. That would be nice, but, I'm not going to hold my breath. Tricare apparently sent the approval back to them, or at least what appears to be an approval. I was confused on the verbiage. They said i "did not need prior authorization"...uh huh, OK, that's great and all, but I better not come down the wire and you guys decide "nope, sorry, not approved"....oooooo...bad day in the Tricare office if that happens!!
Anyway...that's all for now! Peace Out Girl Scouts!

Merry Christmas to me!

Aug 20, 2009

Dr. Washington's office called me yesterday, I have a date of December 18th!!! I am very excited to put a period on the sentence that's been dragging along since April!! I've got time to finish this semester, and get my affairs in order! STOKED!! STOKED I TELL YA!!!
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