Jan 01, 2010

So I'm feeling a bit better....I'm still tired and groggy, I don't have alot of energy, and I REALLY need that to improve. I start back to school in a week. I can't afford to be this tired. My two week check up is Tuesday. I get to start my vitamins then thank goodness. I'm sure that will help bunches.
As of right now, all I've been able to eat and keep down are soft scrambled eggs with cheese (one egg at a time mind you), refried beans with cheese, corned beef hash, and applesauce. Forget the protein shakes. I can't stomach them. I start gagging bringing the cup up to my mouth. I tried SF peanut butter, and it tasted good, but I was nauseated the rest of the night, so I'm afraid to try it again. Yogurt gives me horrible gas. I'm just all out of sorts. I'm still drinking my blue poweraid, and trying to get my H2O's HARD to get the fluids in. HARD. I drank MAYBE 2 cans of soda and one glass of tea a day before surgery, so trying to get 3 times that in after surgery and with a smaller stomach, is proving to be a bit of a challange. But, I am working at it. I'm trying to better my attitude...
hang tight..


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