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"WOW!!! Dr. Marchesini is my HERO. He is such a wonderful, sweet, kind, caring, loving, EXTRORDINARY man and doctor. He is so wonderful. He takes as much time as *you* need in explaining the surgery to you and making sure that you know and understand what you are getting yourself into. He wants you to know that you will be a success but that having the DS is a lifelong commitment. His bedside manner is like no other I've ever received. It's IMPECCABLE! He genuinely loves each of his patients as though they we are his children. (In a way, we are...He's like a father in the sense that has given us a second chance at life.) I was impressed with Dr. Marchesini by the first e-mail I got from him, I only became more and more impressed over time and then in finally getting to meet him. His staff is wonderful. Very nice and very caring and kind; a lot like Dr. Marchesini. If you come home and have a problem, he is just an e-mail or phone call away and he doesn't mind *IF* you have to wake him up during the middle of the night if you have a concer. (I haven't had to do this.) His bedside manner and surgical competence are surperior to any doctors/surgeons I know here in the U.S. If I were to rate him on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I would have to rate him OFF the charts...I don't think #'s go up that high. Future patients of Dr. Marchesini's should know that they are in safe, kind and knowledgable hands and that they will be treated with the upmost respect. Dr. Marchesini isn't in the 'business' for the money, he's in it to help people. GOD BLESS DR. MARCHESINI."
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