kylakae 17 years, 7 months ago

<table border="0" width="100%"><tr> <td width="15%"><center><IMG SRC="" width="162" height="188"></center></td><td width="85%" valign="middle"><b><font face="Lucida Sans" color="#006600">Happy re-Birthday, Charlene! Today marks the anniversary of your WLS. Congratulations on all your triumphs! I hope that you continue to be blessed by this surgery and that you are feeling great. May this next year be your best ever!!</font></b></td> </tr></table>

Monique W. 19 years, 7 months ago

Hi Charlene, Just stopping by to say a little prayer for you. May God bless you physically, spritually and emotionally so that you may come through this a stronger person. May His hands heal your wounds and ease your pain. Amen! God Bless

kabookie 19 years, 7 months ago

Dear Charlene, I hope today is going better for you. I don't know when I'll be able to have my surgery done, but my excitement is in preparation for my camp this week. I leave Saturday and won't be back until the 12th. This is the first time I have done something like this for myself. But I will be learning to make others feel good, so it isn't just for me! I colored my hair today, just a bit lighter for a summery look, and that has cheered me up. I am reading a book about depression and things of that nature and guess what... it links depression with overweight and specifically states that surgery is the only lasting solution! I'm taking that one straight to the doctor. (Like they never knew that before???) I'm hoping that my doctor will see it as being necessary for me, not just "an easy way", because you know first hand now that it isn't easy, right? But it is the only permanant solution to my weight which affects every other part of my life. I'm glad to hear that you have a nurse to help you every day. I wish I were close enough to come visit. I truly believe this site has some caring people to help those of us who are surrounded by nay sayers about WLS. I'll try to keep in touch better when I get back from camp. Take care and God Bless, love, Becky B.

darkbrowngirl2003 19 years, 7 months ago

Hi this is Charlene everyone, I am home and I am feeling really lousy. I feel like someone is sitting on my stomach. I have a home health aid to help me 4 hours a day 5 days a week. I have a nurse on the weekend. I am not feeling well right now, but I guess that will come with time. I hope some of you have suggestion of getting around and making it easier then what I am feeling. My stomach feel like I've eaten but I haven't I know I have to eat anyway. I feel so full all the time and I know I am not. Encouraging words would help. My Angel has been simply marvelous helping through everything. She even bought me a Teddy bear and a Balloon with a card. I will update on my surgery comments when my strenth is better. Please forgive me but I need to go lye down now.

LaNora L. 19 years, 7 months ago

Charlene, It's great to hear that you are doing so well! Looking forward to seeing your post again.

Glendora W. 19 years, 7 months ago

Hello everyone, I went to visit Charlene in the hospital today and she was doing laps around the nurse's station. She is doing very well. The pain is quite bearable. I will be picking her up from the hospital tomorrow afternoon and bringing her home. I will stay with her until her sister gets off work. I guess this is my last report. I am hanging up my angel wings for now. Talk to you all later. She will probably be posting to you all tomorrow evening if she feels up to it.

jeannie O. 19 years, 7 months ago

hi Charlene, every day will get a better for you, praying for God to take your pain from you, hug,

Katherin B. 19 years, 7 months ago

Hi Charlene, Just read that your doing pretty well, except for that pesky pain. I know it's going to get better for you. You just give that nasty nurse what for, and I'm sure she'll start jumping through hoops to make you comfortable! God Bless you in the days to come. Kat

snoppy1 19 years, 7 months ago

Hi Charlene, I am so thankful that you are doing better. Glad you have Glendora there to make sure they take care of you. By the way, your email to me with concern for another just before your own surgery really touched me. Your concern while dealing with your own emotions and nerves before the surgery shows what a great lady you are. I pray that you continue to feel better with each passing day, and hurry, we miss you....Kimmy

Glendora W. 19 years, 7 months ago

Hello everyone, I just spoke to Charlene on the phone since I didn't stay over at my aunt's today. She is in godd spirits and the pain has lessened. She has a nurse who doesn't want to help her at all so I had to call the nurse to tell her to help Charlene use the bathroom because Charlene has alot of machines hooked up to her and the nurse needed to unhook her. Charlene misses you all so much and can't wait to get home. She should be coming home on Thursday or Friday. I will go visit her tomorrow. You all can call Charlene at 718-920-3980. This number rings directly to her room. She may be changing rooms tomorrow so call this number first and if you don't get her call 718-920-6754 and ask for her new number. Her full name is Charlene Greene. Talk to you all later.
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