Journey to Revision

Feb 17, 2013

I love the word BLOG... it doesn't take much to entertain To start... I was banded 9 years ago and did fairly well in the beginning until my stomach decided that it didn't want to tolerate fills.  I went through endoscopy... swallow studies... hospital stays... another endoscopy and multiple fills and unfills!  I have not tried a fill for over 4 years and my band sits useless in my abdomen.  It causes me difficulties even unfilled and I really want it out!  My lowest with the band was 181 and my highest after being banded was 276.  I now sit at 240 and I just want a revision to the RNY and hopefully a permanent solution to my morbid obesity!  I am currently struggling to come to terms with going to Mexico for a revision and am trying to decide between Dr. Acevez in Mexicali and Dr. Alejandro Lopez in Puerto Vallarta.  Of course... if Dr. Acevez would do my surgery in Puerto Vallarta it would be a no-brainer!  I am also terrified of flying and doing this alone is going to be very difficult at the very least!  I just know that I am tired... having difficulty keeping up with my very physical job as an LPN...taking care of a home alone and becoming quite the recluse when I am not working.  I'm tired... I hurt everywhere...limp and gimp due to joint pain... am watching my cholesterol go higher and higher and my depression grow worse and worse.  I need this and my insurance does not cover bariatric surgery. I am left with the choice of nothing or risking surgery outside of the states.  What do I have to lose... my life the way it is is killing me!  I am not a brave person but I think I am really going to have to dig deep and find the strength to make this journey alone.  I imagine re-financing my home will be my first choice for financing this adventure... hopefully that will not be a long process as the first week in April is coming up quickly! 




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