have an eye disease called macular degeneration and there is no cure for the disease right now and i was born with this disease and  i am hoping for a cure.

 i was always big all my life and i relized when i lost my father to cancer in march 24,2002 i new i had to do something for him and myself,Dr. Hill told me i wouldnt live to see my 40th birthday and that is when i relized i didnt want to die and i had the surgury done and it was the best thing i did in my life.

February 24, is my birthday

September 7, 2004 i had gastric bypass done and no problems.

February 8,2005 i had a cyst on my right overy the size of a teddy bears head and Dr.Hill took it out       

November 1,2005 i had a double hurnia repairedjune 12,2006 i am having problems with my thyroid and my doctors said it is a gorder. 
August 21, 2007 i had my two top wisdom teeth out they where damaging my tissue.
September 7, 2007 my three year anniversary of having the gastric bypass done and i had to have a root canal done too on this date.
November 13,2007 i found out i have lupus and eplesphy seizers and have balance problems.
14,2007 i am having nasel surgury. i was having pain in my legs at this time too and i went to the er when i got home from the hospital in watertown got home and the pain in my legs was so bad i went to our er and had blood tests and they came back positive for vasculitis,lupis,rhmitorid arthritis,inflammatioin and they have been retested and coming back postive so we don't have a dianous yet.
February 18, 2008 i have to have a heart catherization done. found nothing wrong with the heart.

right now i am losing bone in my teeth so my doctor told me to double my calcuim with d to two a day and two multi vitamins and i was very dizzy and he also double my iron to two a day. Someday i hope to fine a kind and gentle man to settle down with and have children.
I have other problems nothing to do with the gastric bypass surgury

September 7, 2009 i am five year Anniversary.

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i will ask any questions that anyone has on the surgury.