On 1/16/2018 I had revision gastric bypass from Lapband. I never thought I would go from 278 to 185 but I did. I was so happy. So joyful..but then a I started bad habits and gained 30 Lbs.


A little about me: I am married to a supportive man, Dennis, I have 3 children (grown I guess you would say) a 29 year old son, David , two daughters, Jenn-20 and April-18 and a stepdaughter, Jessica, who is 13. A 3 yr old grandson, Kyle, a beagle and 2 cats. Another grandchild on the way (April 20th, 2007) Alyssa born April 6th, 2007. What a gift this baby has been to our family. Lots of stress involved with it, though, but we adore that little girl.

Hi, Well here I am still the same weight, but let me tell you how nice it is to be able to play with that granddaughter of mine. This includes a lot of bending over getting down on the floor and getting back up. I have decided that I st0pped losing weight after the last fill and think I will ask to have some taken out.
12/13/07- 226 lbs 
OK...here it is a year past and yes I'm only down 3 lbs from where I was at last posting. Yes, it svcks, but I still feel good. I do a lot I couldn't. Bending over isn't so bad- I can actually tie my shoes standing up. climb stairs without needing oxygen. I would be very happy at 200lbs.
12/13/07 226 lbs
11/1/06 229 lbs and 12 inches lost.  Next appt 12/14/2006
11/9/2006 1.25cc fill (not enough yet)
9/13/06 Surgery completed.
7/18/06 Empire approved it on the first letter.
6/29/06 Met Dr.. scheduled for 9/13/06. Can't wait
3/7 & 9 I attended both Educational sessions.
3/2/2006 I attended Albany Nutritions Group meeting. Loved Dr. Denning. Did my blood work on the 3rd.
Called the Psychologist for her clearance and she had a cancellation on Monday the 6th. Another great experience. I will keep her in mind in case I have some rough emotional moments. like some do after.
2/13/2006 I attended the lapband support group. Loved it can't wait for the next one in April (March one was cancelled) I am planning to go to the General Support Group on Thursdays.

2/8/2006 I attended the information session at Albany Meds Bariatric Center. This would be the real beginning. 7 MONTHS BEFORE THE DATE OF SURGERY would have been 6 months but August wasn't good for me.

Just some thoughts, feelings and other stuff: I will write the progress with a date last to first so that new comers know how long it took me.

I have been learning all the things I will have to live without after. I'm already staying away from soda, alcohol (my friends will have another designated driver to choose from), sweets and other high fat foods (these are tough). I've been attending weight watchers to help lose my 10%. Technically I have been going since Oct (lost 8 lbs between 1/7 and 3/4/06 so I'm on my way. I have been going to the gym. Learning that I can't watch tv and sit without wanting snacks. I still have a long way to go.

We boat, camp and anything that includes rivers, lakes and oceans. I love the water and the beach. How great it will feel to be on the beach and not have to think about how fat I am and why I can't enjoy it. I'm going to have to find other things that will occupy me other than food which means if I don't sit I wont think of it even if my hands are busy. Sitting will initiate the thought. I know I can Walk, swim (even if I hate water colder than 80 degrees), and hey maybe I'll learn to waterski. I've always used my weight as an excuse not to learn or do many things. Next summer I can't do that. Like my husband says the only thing I have to lose is my nerve. I love that saying!

To those that think this is taking the easy way out. Do you mean going into a 2-3 hour surgery, taking the risk of complications during and after surgery. Maybe death, to me its worth the risk and I feel strongly towards it.

Do some reading on it and then tell me its the easy way out. Read everything you can read about surgery and being overweight and why we can't just stop eating. I'd guess those that comment on it have never been in my shoes. I'd love to trade places with them. For me this is the last resort. Very last!

It doesn't mean that I wont go through all these preparations only to cancel the whole thing if I'm doing so well with working on taking off the 10% before surgery and all the other things I have to do to prepare. Thats another thing we hear and some think if you can lose 10% then why don't you keep doing it? If I added up how many times I have lost 10% (plus) without ever getting any further and then not even being able to maintain it I wouldn't be even thinking about it. I have thought of doing this since at least 1999. I would start a diet and say I'm doing this diet or the surgery because I can't be like this anymore. Almost 7 years ago? I've wasted so much time. Especially once the FDA approved the lapband in 2001. All those diets all that money and frustration wasted.

I haven't even touched on my family history of illnesses that scare me to death. Thank God I don't have any. Like Heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. My father died at 69 and that in my opinion is too young. He started going downhill around my age. I already have trouble breathing at night (no sleep apnea) so I don't sleep through the night, and so many other things that keep me down. I'm so tired of how I look, how I feel, not being able to get up if I get down on the floor. So many other things I would love to list that I can't do without surgery and they are such simple things that you can't imagine I can't do.

In the mean time I'm revved up for this surgery. How it feels to know that I will get something I've wanted for so long. Although I wonder will I be one of those 5% or less that doesn't lose weight. I don't think so with all the support groups. all those beautiful people that are on the "otherside" and Not to mention my dearest friends and family who do support me on this. It would break my heart to have someone not be with me on this, cause that isn't how I base my friendships. If that is the case maybe they really don't realize how I feel about my condition. I do know who my real friends are and I really love them and I hope they realize how much I do love them right now. They have made me feel good even as heavy as I am, but they know what I will go through to do this and what I will give up. I don't want to lose any friends or families support because I know how important it is to all of us. I can't imagine what it would have been like if my husband said he didn't agree with this. How heartbreaking that would be. He has dished out thousands of dollars since he has known me for hypnosis, gym memberships, meridia, weight loss programs and other things. After this he'll be dishing out money for shopping cause that will become my addiction instead of food ,not to mention possible plastic surgery depending on the amount of hanging skin, ewwww nasty thought. I think deep down he has wanted me thin because I have always wanted it.

I hope that I get through this long journey to get where I want to be. With all my friends and families support I will make it.

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