Gastric Bypass RNY Revision from lap band 1/16/2018

Nov 08, 2021

Happy to say all my previous blogs about the lapband failure could be deleted.

I Finally had bypass

SW 278

LW 185

CW 211

Yesterday began 5 day pouch test 

So glad today is the end of the liquid part. Lost 5lbs 1st day.



Painful winter, painful truth

Feb 12, 2011

So I haven't been able to get anywhere near where I wanted and worse I have been so unsuccessful when I have the perfect tool to lose weight. I apologize to anyone that has lapband and done well. I am always sorry I didn't have bypass, but what says I wouldn't have failed with that. Tomorrow morning I am going to begin acting like a band patient and make it work for me.


Jun 20, 2010

Oh summertime. I love summer. Laying in the sun, boating all those things. I lose control of my goals then. I admit it. Now I'm saying after I get back from vacation I'm getting back in control. I am not really going to say that.I am going to work during the week on my good behaviors and do a little extra cause I know I need to worry about my outcomes if I don't. I'm feeling bad that summertime is bad for me cause there is so much to help me to lose some control. My weight loss is in a hold pattern but now that the allergy/asthma stuff is no longer bothering me after 2 months I have no excuse to move like I need to. Talk to you soon.

I've fallen...(my own journal entry from Dec. 2009)

Apr 19, 2010

OK so at some point along the way I have fallen from the grace of my lap-band. At first I didn’t notice the weight coming back up. My love life was suffering, my daughter and her children were suffering and I am the one that picks them up and it just seemed my whole life was a mess. No, It didn’t seem that way, it really was a mess.   My husband and I weren't doing well. I was falling into old habits and I wasn’t able to control my habits and,not to get myself out of the fact that I was partially to blame, My band was in fact too tight and I’m learning that now. I was drinking more. Actually, I wasn’t a drinker before but I learned that I love wine and with that comes food. Things that go down easy is what I was eating. It was easy with nothing getting stuck to have to throw it back up.   Right around surgery time in 2006 my daughter told me she was pregnant with her first child and not married. We got through that and it was livable until our then granddaughter was 9 mos. Old or so and we found out she was pregnant again, this time by the one that couldn’t stay out of trouble. He missed the birth of his son. Then he got arrested and went to prison. More stress for me. My daughter doesn’t drive and has emotional issues that can be out of control. The summer of 2009 was the longest of my life. Now she is in control most of the time.   Relationship wise, I recall now some three and a half years down the road that lap-band and losing weight can hurt that. I heard it and forgot it. Losing weight others notice you are looking good. People that didn’t notice before that you existed. Now you’re starting to look good. You feel good and some of the clothes you buy are looking great on you. All of a sudden your husband is trying to sabotage your efforts. The kids talk about your shrinking butt. Some people are jealous of you. Your weight slows, exercising stops and you start eating things and your weight isn’t going up, but then you stop watching the scale and boom one day you get on 10lbs, then 15 up to 30+ pounds.   I struggled as others have struggled. What are we going to do and how do we stop this? Walking more when it’s nice out and it helped but then the bad weather comes and the exercise wanes. I was still eating the same so the weight had gone up until about Christmas time. Not only did I decide to go back I decided to change Bariatric centers.

Mar. 26th, 2010

Mar 25, 2010

I had an appt with Michael Clock at Ellis Bariatric. I am down to 243. Yahoo. I still am working on the habits I've picked up again but I am working on how to handle them. I feel much better when I don't eat something. A good feeling afterwards. I wish I could have things in the house and not eat them. That is a major challenge. I still want to start running.

Mar. 16, 2010

Mar 16, 2010

Down to 244 today on scale. I really like to count from the drs scales. I'm just so excited i need to write any change. I walked a total of 3.45 miles. YIPPEE!

March 9, 2010

Mar 09, 2010

I had an appt today I weighed 247. So I am almost to 10lbs since Christmas time. I am thrilled. Ellis and their staff have made me feel so welcome.
I attended a lap-band support group last night. My first at Ellis. I will be attending the one on Thursday for the group led by a social worker. I look forward to it.
I think visiting the Bariatric center and support groups is important especially when you are floundering like I was. Concentrate on your tool. The lapband was a great gift and I am happy I had it, even though I had a very rough year last year and didn't know I was suffering from too much fill.

I am happy I have lost 10 of 30lbs and then I can get back to losing even more. I plan on doing a corporate 3.5 mile run in May. I have plenty of time to prepare my body.

I'm walking and practicing walking up stairs to build up stamina for a run in May. I need to work more on it after work too.

Feb. 20th, 2010

Feb 20, 2010

So far, so good. Not Good Great. The fill I had on the 11th was good. I have gone down since then. About 4 lbs in a week. I'm very pleased about that. I'm still bummed cause I should have never gotten off the path I was on. Shoulda, Coulda, woulda. OK no turning back. No more fills since I'm losing. My last mistake. I should never have waited so long. If you are throwing up get back and get an unfill. Some was my fault, but if I ad of ad tat unfill a long time ao I might have been on the losing side all this time. IF YOU ARE LOSING DON'T MESS WITH IT BY GETTING ANOTHER FILL.  If your losing leave it be.

Feb. 11th

Feb 11, 2010

OK I had an appt today and had .2 cc's put backin my band. I hope thats enough of a restriction. I had too much before. I didn't search out support an gained back 30+ lbs. Please anyone having trouble don't let it go. Find help at your bariatric center if your not happy with them find another. I did. I switched sorry Dr. , but I needed someone positive. I love Ellis bariatric. Good Move on my part!
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2010 is my return!

Feb 03, 2010

I have been away far too long. 2009 was a long year. I gained back weight, Right back to what I was the morning of surgery. So many reasons but I'm not going to get into it. I can just tell you I switched to a dr. from a Bariatric Center nearer to my home. That was the beginning of change and thats what I needed change. My husband bought me the Wii and Wii fit plus. It was the main thing I wanted for Christmas. So Dec. 26th I started it. I've done it most days.
The PA at Ellis Bariatric took out .4cc's from my band because my inability to eat the right things didn't help. He said it was more than he would normally. Two weeks later he wated to put some fill back but I asked to wait. I lost 3 lbs. My next Appt is Feb. 11th. I'm sure I've lost weight 3-4 lbs possibly. He suggested protein drinks in the morning since I wasn't really eating protein like I should. I'm sick of eggs and soft foods weren't helping any. I bought Jillian Michaels whey protein at Walmart for $10. I like the Vanilla better than chocolate by the way.

I realized and keep telling myself how bad the other things are for me. wine was a downfall for me. I'm limiting it to the weekend. No wine and no snacking. God I feel so much better. I hope anyone that has been through it and is going through it would contact me. It is your support that I need.

It is depressing to look at my pictures on here. Its not how I look now. I even think I've aged. I will add more pictures when I'm done typing. I should have lost it all by now. I was complacent and it got away from me. What a waste of time. I'm not sorry that I had the band done. If I had bypass it would be stretched out and once you stretch that pouch your done. Band is different. I can get adjustments and recover from the mess I've caused. I will add to this after my appt to keep tracking my weight.

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