4 weeks !!!

Jun 02, 2009

Im finally learning this stuff. I ended up in emerg due to eating either too fast or just something that i should have avoided.

My husband has hidden the scale on me. Im allowed it once a week to check.

So today he let me look. its hovering at 238/239 so im ok with that.

So at 4 weeks I am swimming daily and every saturday im going out and doing about 5 hours of walking.
Soon as im allowed i will be starting my wii fit and my daily workout.

Im working on the protein but still suffering from milk allergies and whey allergies.
Food is getting better. Hitting at least 500 calories a day now. Big improvement over my 150 calorie day
Still working on water intake. it is getting better.

But I feel pretty good. and know i  made the right choice having surgery.

I am also so grateful for all the support I get. It means the world to me

6 days post op

May 12, 2009

Today I got up to weigh myself to make sure all the surgery weight is comming off as it should and holy I was down to 256 today
I hope ths is a sign of good things to come.  I have struggled alittle with clear liquids today. I want to try the more full fluids. I tasted yogurt but have slapped my wrist and went back to the clear broth for dinner and jello for a snack.

I did the blended chicken noodle soup and it stayed down good but i know its not good to start "cheating" this early


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