Back from a 12 day trip

May 12, 2010

This trip was a big adventure in many ways. There was the challenge of spending time with a mostly overweight family, seeing old friends and waiting to see if they noticed weight loss, traveling and eating in restaurants and airports, and attending a very fancy wedding and dinner with gourmet food. It all worked out great!. I took my protein powder and some protein bars and had one shake per day. I ate eggs when i could for breakfast at family home and shake for breakfast elsewhere. Managed to eat an egg McMuffin and toss the muffin, get grilled chicken and toss the bread , low carb burger at Carl's Jr. which comes wrapped in lettuce, and things like that. Had a couple of bites of most things at the wedding and rehersal dinner. There were little rack of lamb hors d'oevres and i was in heaven. Tasted the wedding cake and a little of the candies served. This wedding was at a very fancy famous hotel. We had a normal double room reserved and checked in late. They had some problem with the room (I though we were going to get put in some super crummy room) but lo and behold, they gave us the Presidential Suite at no extra charge. It was fabulous and everyone was envious. We let the bride and attendants come dress there and had a great time. Even ate about a third of a piece of pizza for one meal. didn't have any trouble staying within reason on all things. Everyone was super complementary about my weight loss. Was able to help losts with the rehersal dinner and other preparations that I know I could not have done a year ago - especially at higher altittude. Danced and had a super time.

My family seemed pleased and accepting of my procedure even though i had not told my mother ahead of time due to some dementia she has. She accepted it well and seems ok with it. Has probably forgotten by now. The only sad note is I was hoping to get my very overweight brother interested in doing this but he just could not have been less interested. NOt sure why.

Found out one of my long time friends has a lap band she got a few years ago. we were always the two fat girls in our crowd in school. It doesn't appear to me that she has lost any weight with it. She says it feels fine and it keeps her from getting worse. I am so glad I didn't do that and did what I did.

Airplane travel was uneventful (3 flights each way). Just kept getting plenty of water, got lowfat milk when i could and ate protein bar as needed. worked out but I am glad to be home with my normal routine.

And the best part is I weigh 4 lbs less than when i left. hot dog!!!


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