My Surgeon Says I am done!

Sep 30, 2010

I already posted on the forum about my recent follow up with the revered Dr. Cirangle on Monday, but it was so important to me I thought it was worth a blog item. I weighed 137 at home naked on a syntech scale (same as at doc office) but weighed 140 at office with clothes and 2 cups coffee in me. I was aprehensive because though I felt I had done well, i thought Dr. C might want me to lose a few more pounds. He is a perfectionist and likes people to get a few extra pounds off since he says a little regain is normal. Well, the first thing he said was "you look great" Wow, what an upper!. He told me i didn't need to lose any more as i had bmi of 24. Actually its 23.3 since i am now down another pound and I have regained a quarter inch of lost height due to not being compressed by extra weight. I don't think he believes that as he says i am just walking taller and prouder but I got measured professionally at the pcp and I KNOW  I have that extra quarter inch. So I was thrilled beyond measure to be told i was at normal goal weight. We talked about maintenance and he said increase 100 calories per day gradually until i get to where i am maintaining. May end up at 1200 t0 1500. Sounds like a major pig out to me after 10 months of less than 800. And I am not sure what I am going to be able to eat as i fill up on the protein and not room for much else. He says the 70 g protein rule is for the rest of my life. fine with me. Guess i could go eat some sweets but i am not going to as that could be the road to hell. Guess I will talk to the dietician for guidance. Lapsf gives years of follow up so thats really nice.

This has been my project for the last year. Now I gotta find a new one since I always need goals and challenges. Maybe getting some muscle tone for my  saggy a$$ or some aerobic fitness. Or getting the garden into shape and making some super art work. I gave dr. C a piece of barriatric art work which i will post on the forum if I can figure out how to get it on there.

Anyway, life is good for this former fatty. Feel so good it ought to be illegal. Now on to enjoying the rest of my skinny life! Diane


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